Saturday, 20 February 2010

Frost and Fog and Foliage!

Thank you to Elaine at Arctic View for the Sunshine Award! Coming from her I feel its a real compliment- her blog is always interesting and her photos wonderful to see, do visit!

Aren't we just having the Weather!

Today its frost and fog- very beautiful in a grey way, and very cold! I'll just post some photos I took around the garden an hour ago as its wonderful to look at. I haven't altered them in any way although some look almost black and white.

S'long and thanks for all the fish!


Ulla said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the foggy landscape and the frosty details. - Frost will make the earth more mellow when spring comes, just let it do its job! Our fields are ploughed in thee autumn and harrowed in spring when they have dried a bit.

Terri Tiffany said...

You take some really good pictures! We had frost on our car windows this week--did I tell you that already?LOL probably because it is so unusual here. But nothing like yours/

sarah said...

these pics which are beautiful, remind me...even in the hard times in our lives...there is beauty


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