Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Heckish thoughts

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A new Story next door...

A heck of a mess...sponsored by...heckety...which in an ordinary household would be a dining table. (Do you begin to see why my girls call me 'heckety'?)
...which is roughly what the inside of my head looks at present...
So this morning for wisdom, I went to visit Andrea's place 'A Feast of Light' . As usual, her writing is uplifting and helpful...this excerpt is from what she wrote:

'God is faithful. He is the fire sent from heaven that suddenly licks its flame into your dearest dreams and destroys the "I" in them all. He is the still, small voice that wrecks your direction and changes your life. He is the Author of your faith, who at will turns your pages to write His own lines, so your story will end the way He wrote it ages ago.'

'Friends, we do not understand the reason behind God's voice. But we really do not need to understand. We only need obedience and trust in His will. His will is always His best.'

'Not His better. His BEST. '

If you read yesterday's huff then you realise where I'm coming from...I'm looking for the path from which I somehow slipped.

The 'I' in my plans needs deleting- hey, wouldn't it be great if, when we make dreadfully silly mistakes we could say, 'Lord, could you please just scroll down last week's doings and hit 'Delete'?

Well that's partly what forgiveness is but I'm talking about the silly stuff, not just the wicked. Yeah, yeah, fine line, I know...Anyhoooo-

I know now that the path I'm on was chosen by me.

I know that I'm doing too many things which are not bad in themselves, but unnecessary.

I know that when God told us He would provide He meant it because He KEEPS HIS PROMISES.

I thought I had to frantically earn His Provision by making and selling 'stuff', but I don't. His perfect time for providing our needs is exactly that- perfect...Soooo-

I know He will provide- School fees, College fees, groceries, clothes, heating oil and firewood, and yadda yaddda because GUESS WHAT? He just does.

And as the other Andrea's post reminded me yesterday:-Luke 12 v27,28:

Consider the lilies of the field. They toil not neither do they spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his glory was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and gone tomorrow , how much more will he clothe you, O ye of little faith!

I know in my head that God keeps his promises.

I know it in my heart.

Now, Lord, please help me to LIVE it.


Andrea said...

We will keep on keeping on toward the mark...we will all journey together...lifting one another up.
Beautiful and honest post. THANK YOU!
Hugs, andrea

Heart2Heart said...

As one who lived through those very promises captured in scripture, God does come through without a doubt.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Leslie said...

Getting it into the head is often so much easier than getting it into the heart. I hear ya about God's provision. With the state of California needing to 'balance the budget' to the tune of 20 Billion and I in education, where cuts always come, I walk by faith, not by sight. We are fed, warm and dry, a lot more than so many in the world. And I am wealthy in fabric and thread. It's good to count my blessings once in a while.
Solider on!

ladydi said...

God does indeed provide for our needs, often with abundance, for which I give thanks daily. His sources so often surprise me, but after all this time you would think I'd know better than to be surprised at ANYTHING God does.

Jane's Art said...

We get so caught up in the making and takes the joy out of the "doing". These are gifts to us from God, to be enjoyed. And if it helps a little with expenses along the way, that's just icing on the cake cause we KNOW HE will provide our needs....we just need to let him....

I was reading a rebellious streak in yesterday's post...I recognized it well, I'm prone to those my self...I know, you're so shocked, LOL!!


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