Monday, 8 February 2010

My Fertilizer Factory! (tutorial)

I didn't come up with this idea, I saw it demonstrated at a Teacher's Science Day several years ago and have been doing it on and off ever since....but it kept blowing away so the Hub made the frame from an old crate he found in the skip at work, and now it lives in the back kitchen. It doesn't smell, surprisingly, but I guess it might if the weather was very warm.

Take a plastic bottle, 2 liter is good, and cut the end off to use as a lid. Take another bottle and cut in in half, retaining the lower half and discarding the top part.
Sit the top of the first bottle upside down in the bottom of the second bottle.
Fill the bottle with vegetable and fruit peelings, tea bags and compostable kitchen waste.
Use the end of the first bottle as a lid to keep flies out and any smells in!
I have four lined up here in the crate. As the organic matter degrades a highly nutritious (for plants!!) brown liquid will drip down into the bottom part.
Take the contraption apart and pour the liquid fertilizer into the can where you can dilute it at least 1:5 with water. If you water your plants with the solution too strong you may scorch the roots. Empty the partly degraded organic waste into a compost bin to finish degrading into dry loamy compost suitable for the garden.
It looks gross, it really does, but have you seen the price of commercial fertilizers for house plants? I use it mainly on my indoor plants, and, if you look back over previous indoor photos you can see that it really is good for them. I know I'm a bit addicted to triffid-like house plants but...whatever blows my hair back, right??? But its just as good on outdoor plants, potted or ground, vegetables, tree saplings, flowers, I've used it on everything.

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Gran said...

LOL - I keep my "scrapes" in a crock on the counter and when it is full I walk it outside to the bucket on the front porch, (Yes, I know, not very inviting...) and then we trot the bucket when full out to the compost pile. However, you have me thinking about all those "yummy" juices for plants. I will let you know what I come up with. Having a stand is key I can see.



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