Saturday, 13 February 2010

My house was tidy yesterday, sorry you missed it!

Thank you my people for your comments on yesterday's post...I was VERY comforted! Strange as it may seem all my friends have tidy houses- toys in the playroom, food prep the only items in the kitchen, and the sitting always ready for guests. I don't understand how they count me as a friend, OR how they manage it...

Yesterday's interview went sort of ok, I think. The Hub was told he needs much more experience in various fields and to try get it, and if that doesn't work then this guy will see what he can do to help. So it wasn't an 'No' and it wasn't a 'Yes'; in Kiswahili the word would be 'bado' which translates sort of as 'not now'.
I can't say I'm sorry because firstly, I need time to accustom myself to change, and secondly, I can't hear God's will for me and the girls yet in this, and I can't do a huge thing unless I'm sure it's God's plan.

But the house is IMMACULATE! So I invited my Mom and big sister to tea this afternoon so they can be impressed!!! Don't laugh, this is a Red Letter Event!

The Hub is outside cutting up all the old wood he can find to keep us going in firewood till the end of the month as they say there's another week of freeze on the way.
There was a terrible accident on our road yesterday when a car went out of control on ice- I keep thinking of the family, though I don't know them, who won't hug their little girl again in this life, and possibly the mother too as she's in ICU. It breaks my heart.

I'm reading 'A Single Thread' by Marie Bostwick at the moment, and its a bit harrowing too. I saw it on some one's blog but I forget whose and it centers round a woman who is going through breast cancer. Its very good, I guess if it wasn't so well written then it wouldn't pull at me, would it?

BBug is going to the cinema with friends this afternoon to see 'Valentine's Day' which is being released here today. Her best friend said he'd go with her if no one else would, which I thought was ever so kind because he much prefers political or intelligent movies. She's lucky to have him I think.

This morning I was messing with my hair, after chopping most of it off, and asked B what she thought? Straight faced she answered: 'Mom, the 1980's called and they want their hairstyle back.'


Now I feel a quilt coming on which I've been denying all week but just won't wait any longer...I think its going to be a pink and floral Log Cabin design. I've mislaid one of my main quilt books which I always use when deciding so its a bit discombobulating deciding without it.

Have a good weekend you people!


Andrea said...

I am honored to be your friend. I pray you have an awesome day.

soggibottom said...

There is something about your kids when they try and tell you about your either listen or GO TO THE HAIR DRESSER X X X
Pleased you have a tidy house, but I think being you is depends on how much of the floor space you can see x x x

ladydi said...

A clean house is all very well, but I want to hear about the quilt! Quilts last MUCH longer than clean houses. ;0)

Leslie said...

*chuckling* "He likes intelligent movies". Is that to say your daughter doesn't?? Just playing with words, I know what you mean. ;)


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