Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sanctuary Tiles and How Not To Behave In Church

Remember on Thursday I said that the new encaustic tiles in the Sanctuary had finished being laid?
Aren't they wonderful? Each colour is a different tile.

Today's Gospel reading was Luke Ch 4 v 1-13 and the Dean spoke about the purpose for Lent, based on Luke. He said we should be looking at the effectiveness of our witness for God and also be willing to lean more on God for strength.

Firstly, the Holy Spirit can only fill the space we give it, so if unGodly things are cluttering up spiritual space then some Spring-cleaning is required. The purpose should be to get rid of anything in us which is taking up space that the Holy Spirit could be using, otherwise we will be running on half empty tanks!

Secondly, we do not do this journey alone. The Church and our fellow Christians are there to help, encourage, and to be helped and encouraged. We need to commit to walking together and not all doing our own thing and hoping for the best.

The first point about the holy Spirit's space struck home with me particularly- clearing of clutter is definitely on the agenda for this week!

There was a Baptism during the Service, and since the Font is at the back of the Church, everyone turned round to face the opposite way to share the event. As a result the two children sitting beside the organ were then in front of me, so when the Dean was sloshing water over the baby's head and was hidden behind everyone I lent forward and whispered to S and I; 'This is when the Dean takes the baby by his feet and holds him upside down over the font to dunk him like a chocolate biscuit. He did the same to you when you were baptised.'
They started giggling and their Granny turned round to hiss at them, saw it was me, rolled her eyes and gave up! (Their Granny was my Sunday School teacher when I was their age and still tries to keep me in line...fails miserably but not for the want of trying!)


Cilla said...

Beautiful tiles.. and yes .. how NOT to behave in church :-)

Amanda said...

Did quilters get their inspiration from church tiled floors, or was it the other way around do you think? It's been a bit of a tradition in my family to try and make each other giggle in turn. Somehow it seems so easy.

Sam said...

snigger!!! Dunked like a chocolate biscuit indeed - I'm sure they'll remember that one.

Deborah said...

I love the tiles! That is a cute story about Sunday School! I've been teaching Sunday School for 10 years or so and the kids who have grown up with me, I can still give them "the loving look" and they still smile at me when they are in mischief at church!
Cute story!

Elaine said...

Beautiful tile work! No wonder everyone was down on their knees admiring it.

Robin said...

Your post made me giggle too - every time I hear of a baptism I remember the neighbor girl explaining to my little sister how the priest was going to put her baby brother in a mayonnaise jar full of water, screw the top on, and leave him there until he was ready to come out! (Needless to say her mother set her straight before the big day.)

I love all the salvage elements in your home, too, what a treasure. I've always longed to live in a home with a real history, not a horrid modern hi-rise, even if it does have my lovely flat in it.

ladydi said...

Of course you know I love that flooring tile. It looks like a beautiful quilt! Someone had an outstanding idea. Cute baptism story.


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