Friday, 19 February 2010

Stuff...and PINK Stuff...eeeww!

Remember the box of pink scraps? ta-dah!
You surely wouldn't mistake it for anything other than a scrap quilt!
I was going to leave the border as is, though I'd usually add a wider one. I was also thinking to appliqué some flowers up the plain sashing- opinions? (partly to disguise the fact that I had to piece the sashing...)

If you nip over to Robin's Egg Bleues she is having one splendiferous giveaway!

(And I'm only telling you as that is a condition of entering...)

The other evening I was visiting Sue, and after inspecting all her potted plants, was laughing at the fact that she has 50 plants around inside her house! Well, sez I, I've only about I went and counted them...ahem, sez I, I've 32! Golly but they do multiply so!

This morning I went around the garden for a think of what to plant where and its really looking most awfully sorry for itself. We've had snow every day this week and night temperatures at -5 which is normally very rare, but this winter fairly continual and I'm afraid to even touch the soil for fear of damaging the cell structure, even if it thawed enough to weed.

These are shrubs and tree seedlings I'm growing on, but I can't tell yet if they are all alive:

This is the most sheltered of the beds, parsley and cress doing fine, but even the bay seems to be suffering:
Everything looks so terrible in February, like it'll never be summer. And these are the other veg beds in which everything had died it seems. I'm hoping the rhubarb and raspberry are resting underground and will return.
But, lest I leave you depressed at the ravages of winter, here's some photos I took on Wednesday (I think) as a storm was building:
In this I suddenly noticed the Rowan tree has buds, obviously I got the focus wrong...I just can't sort it on the digital camera...yet!!
Thought for the day:

How many times do I have to tell them-

Do NOT use the stairs with a TOOTHBRUSH in your mouth when you are carrying the vacuum cleaner!


Amanda said...

That is a very pink quilt! I think some flowers in the sashings would look good, especially if you were to use a contrasting colour that gave it a bit more zing?
Don't the gardens look sad at the moment, apart from the spring flowers which are making a brave attempt. We had snow and hailstones here again today, but nothing settled thank goodness.

sarah said...

the quilt is really pretty. I like the border. It accents the whole quilt. Our plants outside look like these...I too am not sure if they're dead or alive. ☺ Two months...we'll find out. Have a great weekend. Sarah

Andrea said...

I 100% agree with you. I, too hope it will be that way in the community he lives in.....I am not sure I have ever told you, but my great grandparents were Amden has some strong Irish blood, too...and we are quite proud of our Irish roots.

ladydi said...

Oh yes, that whole toothbrush and vacuum cleaner thing. :>} I also love your pink quilt. Since you're a much better quilter than I am, you could do some fancy quilting in the sashing. I would definitely have to go with applique since my quilting skills are not up to par. You put that top together in record time - well done!

Elaine said...

What a nice quilt you ended up with from your pink scrap bag!

As to your miserable looking garden, at least you can see it. Mine is still covered in snow and it will be the middle of April before we have a hope of seeing it. We have been having quite warm weather though so I am not complaining.

Stop by my blog to pick up an award.

Ulla said...

The pink quilt looks cheerful! Fancy quilting would look nice but appliqué would be more visible.

Kathy said...

Your pink zig zag quilt is wonderful. It is amazing what you were able to do with your box of scraps. I have 2 of my largest herbs in the kitchen to protect them from the harsh Wisconsin winter. THe bay tree did very well, but the rosemary took a dive for the worse about 3 weeks ago. I am not sure it will make a comeback.


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