Thursday, 25 February 2010

Thankful Thursday

Its been a mixed week, and I have to admit it was difficult coming up with five Thankfuls, but the Bible says 'in ALL things give thanks', not 'now and again when you feel like it give thanks', and I am trying to practise that. If Jesus had said half way through His Ministry 'O Father I've really had enough' where would we be now??

1. Thankful for all the quilt comments and input which has kept my mind and hands occupied. Its both enjoyable and helpful to have all your opinions, so thank you lots and lots! And also thank you for your Jelly Baba poems- you gave me SUCH enjoyment! (winners at the end of the post!)

2. Thankful our Principal is back at school after surgery and time out as we both missed him and were concerned for him.

3. Thankful B Bug's mock exam results are coming back fairly reasonable- enough to indicate that with a bit more work she'll do fine in the summer, but not so bad that she gives up completely.

4. Despite the continuing fierce cold weather I'm thankful for a number of beautiful bright days. It does lift the spirits so.

5. Thankful for lots of Cd's of music to listen to.

OK then folks, the moment you've been waiting for!
The Jelly Baby Poet Laureate is.....drumroll!!.....Jingle!! Hooray! hooray! clapping!!!!
And the runners up are....Ulla, Kat, and Diana! Yes! Yes! a round of applause for the elegant poets that are in it
I know I don't have Jingle and Diana's addresses, so if you go to the profile page and like to email me them then I'll post you all your Jelly Baby Medals!!

Ha! Ha! That was fun!


Andrea said...


Jingle said...

I've had weeks like that...when it is just tough to think of the good stuff, but you have done a great job pulling out some things to be truly happy about! Relish in them!!! And thanks for choosing my goofy poem!!! LOL!

Heart2Heart said...


I just enjoyed the fun in thinking those up! My mom used to be quite a pro at those. Never quite know how she did it! Just gifted in that area perhaps.

Here is hoping that warmer temps are coming your way and things are going well for you. Can't wait to see more quilt pictures.

Be sure you stop by today for a last minute opportunity to participate in two giveaways for tomorrow.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Greg C said...

And I want to say thank you for visiting today and making my first day so wonderful.


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