Monday, 22 March 2010

Challenge Check #9 and New Challenge from heckety!

First of all thank you to EVERYONE who helped me with the Boring Bag! ( Hey! that would have been a really good title for my blog, wouldn't it?! 'Adventures of the Boring Bag' or maybe 'Heyday of the Horrid Hag' or maybe...get on with it heckety...) I am working on it and will show you a photo in due course...

So this week I have something to show for both Challenges, and am adding a Challenge of my own too down below! With spot prizes no less!!

Dottie Angel's Challenge of the Utmost Kind (click on logo in side bar to read her):

I was rummaging through the press on Saturday and found some old curtain fabric so put together a few more light coloured fabrics, all recycled or scraps from Mom's dressmaking, to begin making this table runner.
Then I found some lovely turquoisy/green which looks very much like the fabric of my favourite dress when I was about 10, and am adding some appliqué flowers. If it turns out well I'll put it in the shop.
Its lovely working with 'spring coloured' fabrics, really brighteningly uppish!
For the CED 'Art Story' Challenge I'm showing you some very battered dolls which sit on a little chair in the sitting room:
Meet Katie Emma and Jemima!

When the girls were little we had no access (or money) for buying toys so when people gave me fabric scraps I sewed things for them.
These two dolls are from an old 'Prima' magazine pattern (people gave me magazines as well, and my Granny in South Africa posted me 'Your Family' magazine for years and years- from which were made every one's clothes, and all the baking!). Katie Emma came first, and then, because we lived in East Africa and it seemed weird to me for the girls not to have a coloured doll, Jemima was made.

I sewed them when Sos was a baby(nearly 19 years ago...oh my giddy aunt!), to prevent Dilly from treating the baby like a stuffed toy! They are stuffed with old socks and also kapok from the tree in my FIL's garden at the time. They have had a lot of loving, battering, washing, you see, when I make dolls to sell and I tell folks they will withstand wear, I know exactly what I'm talking about!

And now for the Challenge I'm giving you!

What Music inspires you?

For me one of the most empowering songs I know is Whitney Houston's 'One Moment in Time':
I listen to it and I'm able for anything- the higher the volume, of course, the more able!

If you have time to add a YouTube link to your comment, even better, then we can all listen and opinionate! If there's more than 4 songs I'll draw four names for spot prizes! Howzat?? And you have until next Monday morning-ish (GMT!) or hIT! (heckety's Irish Time, of COURSE!!!) to enter!
I love hearing new Artists and Music so BLOW ME AWAY!


Andrea said...

I love those dolls.
Blessings, andrea

Heart2Heart said...


I must link back to one you so thoughtfully shared with me on a CD you sent me. Its from Karl Jenkins, Adiemus. I love it and it's going with my to the hospital for my surgery!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Candi said...

Firebird's Child by S.J. Tucker really puts me in the mood to get up and dance and while I'm up, I might as well get some things accomplished, right? lol Anyway the people in this video are all my poi friends and I believe S.J. herself is spinning in the beginning. They call her Skinny White Chick, she's the SWC with glasses, the other is my friend Danielle in the jeans. The song is just fantastic.

Heckety said...

This is ace! I really like the drums and whistle backing too.

ladydi said...

Your dolls are adorable!

Always different, I am more inspired by silence. I do my best thinking when walking alone, with no sounds but the birds.

Your apron is all ready! If you would kindly send me your address I'll put it in the mail. :>}

Gran said...

OK Ok I am in - now I have to figure out what tune and how to do it. Let's see if I can do it.

Jane's Art said...

OK now this will take some time for me but I will do it!

nicedaydesigns said...

Wallis Bird-To my Bones
I love this performance, after seeing this video online I went out and bought the album, which is even better. Everytime I hear i, it makes me feel better and enlivened


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