Monday, 29 March 2010

Hecklers Ahoy!

Ok I know you've seen this photo I took at Rosses Point beach before but...Tricia gave me some ideas for the Shop at the weekend, sooo, I've used this photo to make a new banner and rewritten my little intro thing. If you have a moment PLEASE visit the Shop and then tell me what you think? I'd really appreciate it.

And now for the results of the Inspiring Music Challenge! Tan-ta-ra-ta-ra!!
Here's the links you all suggested if you're interested?





Diana- Birdsong and silence


And an extra from Dilly, just for fun… (but don't tell Kat, she might freak out?)

We are all so different! That in itself is an inspiration, I think.

I thoroughly enjoyed your favourites, thank you, and have listened to all of them! Since there were just five I'm going to post you each an envelope for fun! I think Candi and Diana's are the only addresses I am missing? So if you email me, or message me in 'facebook' with your address I'll post them near the end of the week that's in it!

I'm glad the weekend is over although it was enjoyable. I got up in the night to tidy up as I was too tired to sleep, and it was lovely getting up to a clean kitchen! I hoovered after everyone was awake this morning now we are back to normal, even though I ache all over and the eczema on my hands is ferocious.
BBug is 15 in April, and Dilly 21 in May...poor planning on some one's part to have all the birthdays together, I've always thought- and NO! your comments are NOT INVITED on that subject...mumble mumble mumble...besides, sometimes the Hub reads this!


Amanda said...

Both my boys are December babies - what bad planning was that!

Deborah said...

I'm a fanatic about going to bed with a clean kitchen...This Sunday, after Easter, everything will be picked up and put away before I go to bed!!! Just a crazy habit I guess!!
Have a nice week!

Jingle said...

For some reason I'm not able to see the photos in this post, but I was able to see the banner and it is really pretty! The colors are so calm and inviting!

Heckety said...

Yes I've just realised there is a problem with all the photos here...I'll try fix it.Thank you Jingle!

Everyday Kathy said...

Hi there! Stopping by to tell you that you are THE BIG Winner of my giveaway! Come on by the blog to see what you have won!

Everyday Bliss Winners

Outrageous joy,

ladydi said...

Our two were both born in January, my sister's two were both born in August, and my other sisters' were both born in March. It's how it works. ;0) It was fun visiting with you this morning. I didn't get your second message until I got home just now.


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