Monday, 15 March 2010

Iffy Monday...

Regardez vous les page links at the top of the page! Who's a clever girl then??? And if you follow this link you too can impress your readers!!!

Now its much easier (I hope?) to check the status of the Barter/Swap, by going to the page title above, then choosing the link you want. Obviously you're all too busy to read at the moment though!

I'm skipping the Challenge Check today as I've nothing to report- wicked lazy, yeah! yeah!

For your amusement, here's the Hub impersonating Rhydian for the Charity Concert on Saturday:
And BBug impersonating Idina Menzel!
They both sang well and had great fun. The Hub had dyed his hair 'blond' (actually red!) and had to try to dye it back to its normal colour before Church- he wasn't very successful so you can imagine the ribbing he got!

And talking of Church, yesterday we had a group of visitors from TEXAS, no less!

Unfortunately the Organ was on a roll, playing by itself every opportunity it got...I was a wreck by the end of the Service, the Church wardens were mortified, and the congregation dispersed with their fingers in their ears. Something is seriously wrong with it. I offered to go up the Loft and kick some pipes but my fellow Organist suggested I take a hatchet to the 8' D Swell 'Open Diasporan' pipe and fix it permanently...
We've a Service on Wednesday as it's St Patrick's Day so I've left the Loft heater on. It'll be a real shame if I can't open all the stops Wednesday as it's the one day in the Church calendar when we can unashamedly roar all our favourite Irish Hymns and no one complains about us being Nationalist!

Nearly finished the quilt from the 'Trunk That Time Forgot' and hallelujah to THAT! One flower to quilt and the binding to attach.
Since there is hazy sunshine out and the ground is dry I intend to re-take several of my Etsy photographs as I feel they could be better. Also I discovered several items I'd forgotten to post so need to put them in the shop. Organised, amn't I?

I'm presently listening to the real Rhydian's CD and enjoying it after a week of impersonations...a powerful pair of lungs has the Hub, but he's not always in tune...ditto BBug, but she is in tune more often, and can also sing quietly! The Hub has no volume control!

Look what I found in a box last week- a SILK quilt top!
It was made from a bundle of old silk shirts I was given many years ago, but what I was thinking I have no idea, and its not backed or anything. I must have been desperate to sew and used every scrap as there are even button holes and shirt pocket flaps included!
I'm reading a fascinating book at present- 'Hospitality in Medieval Ireland 900-1500' by Catherine Marie O'Sullivan. The more I read about Medieval times here the more it seems to me that many of our social and national characteristics have their roots from then. Only the surface has changed. Perhaps its partly due to living on the west coast where things change notoriously slowly.


Jingle said...

That organ situation sounds less than good! Yikes! Thanks for that link for the header links! I might have to try that!

Deborah said...

OH, your poor hubby, he was having a bad hear day! LOL
I can't believe the organ has a mind of it's own! Crazy!!!
I love your quilts.
Have a great week!

Amanda said...

LOVE the new look blog. Your DH looks very pleased with himself! What a shame the organ was 'showing off' in front of your visitors; I bet it will be fine for your St Patrick's Day service, it's Irish isn't it?

soggibottom said...

Same down here, only the vet seems to be able to be quicker than most at flowing with the times...
Wickedly beautiful quilts. x x x

Jane's Art said...

LOVE the quilt!!!
I was taking pics outside yesterday...for some reason I can't get a good one of "BIG Tree"...the colors just aren't looking right.

And girl, props to your hubby for willing to change his hair color!!!


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