Friday, 19 March 2010

PIP Friday!

PIP? Projects In Progress!

I remembered this 'Jungly' quilt top and am going to batt, back, quilt and bind it!
Sleeveless pullover for me; I've been wearing the same one all winter and its getting a bit thin.
More Brooch Pins for the Etsy Shop- I uploaded two collections of them yesterday. Its such fun playing with-oops! CHOOSING buttons for the middles!

Also, FYI (!!) I got these buttons and the metal brooch clasps from NiceDaySupplies on Etsy, and the speed with which Ruth packed and posted my order was amazing to behold!
The Hub forgot his workplace Swipe card this morning so there was a mournful phone call at 8am asking me to deliver it after taking BBug to school. It was a glorious morning so, stuck in traffic on the Bridge I was looking to see what small boats were in the estuary and noticed there was a ship in the Port. After giving the Hub his card I went down to have a look:
I think they were loading metal re-cycling:
There are a few pussy willows out down at the sea, warmest place in the county I should think!
Since returning home I've been retaking Etsy photos and dealing with the workmen who are connecting us to the water supply...I'm not complaining- three and a half years of temporary piping off S's cattle trough?
When they were done I turned on the tap and was knocked across the kitchen by the water pressure! Whoossssshhh splaaat!
The workmen went off laughing...


Amanda said...

You'll soon forget the blessing of mains water and wonder how you ever managed without. Lovely pussy willow picture.

Jane's Art said...

I love Nicedaysupplies shop...OF COURSE! I've been thinking about contacting her to get a big supply. She is one of the few I've seen who has the tiny buttons only in a batch.

I just love those pictures!!!

nicedaydesigns said...

Aw shucks thanks a million!! Glad to see your having fun with the supplies!
Jane in the Jungle, yeah give me a shout i do bulk orders all the time.

Deborah said...

Hi, You do beautiful work! I love the pussy willows! That is a beautiful picture!
Have a nice weekend!

Jingle said...

Oh, just look at all of your fabulous projects!!!

Heart2Heart said...

Love all the cute stuff you are making. It seems never ending and just when I think I've seen it all, you surprise me with something else. By the way, I sent you a package today! Let me know when it arrives!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Ulla said...

The pussy willows are starting to show here too at this time of the year, and the nights can be really cold. Last night we got 15 cm new snow.

Micki said...

I love all of your projects...all very pretty!

ladydi said...

What a lot of beautiful quilts. I especially like the one made of silk shirts, complete with buttonholes. True recycling, and such gorgeous colors!! How wonderful to come upon a trunk of such treasures, especially after having moved to and from distant lands.

Terri Tiffany said...

I noticed you are praying for my mom. Thank you so much! She gets her port in on monday-my birthday. Then she'll get her chemo every two weeks for six months. They told her if she doesn't do it she won't live long.

BT said...

What lovely things for your shop. I laughed out loud at you shooting across the floor with the water pressure!!


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