Friday, 21 May 2010

Flattened Friday!

Firstly, thank you for the Birthday wishes for Dilly, and get well wishes for meself- it was lovely of yez all to send them!

By all accounts Dilly had a mad birthday: morning working in the Theater with friends, then a very posh lunch in town courtesy of my sisters, further shenanigans in the course of the afternoon, winding up with a Theater hooley in the evening in which she sang excerpts of 'Oliver!'...would you say that was an enjoyable birthday for a Drama Student???

Secondly I want to thank all of you who commented on my previous query (golly, this is beginning to sound like the Emmys or something!) which I am working on/ thinking on. I found a post on Etsy to help with writing an Artist's statement in which I have to interview myself, which sounds awfully schizophrenic to me...

Heckety: Good morning, I hope I find you well? Take a seat please.
Heckety: Don't mind if I do.
Heckety: You are in the process of composing an Artist's Statement for your Shop Profile, am I correct?
Heckety: That's so.
(Notice; the Irish don't use yes and no in conversation, there's no equivalent in the Gaelige.)
Heckety: Now I'm going to interview you with some very carefully considered leading questions, and from your answers you will compose the Statement.
Heckety: Right so! Fire away!

Hmmmm, is that confusing?
Well I thought on Monday I'd post the first draft for your input...or amusement- if I haven't imploded trying to think about it!!!

Last two days I've been trying to catch up on myself, but still coughing and 'chesty' so when little black spots begin dancing before me I have to stop and rest...or are they bugs?

I re potted some raspberry canes as I can't decide where to plant them out...the tall yellow plant is cress gone to seed. It withstood the entire winter- I was knocking off snow to cut it, quite amazing!
Sorted out the salad bed, hopefully there will be rocket, mixed salad greens, coriander and Swiss Chard...oh, and a pansy!! Its so happy I couldn't bear to move it! The strawberries behind the bed are going to be planted out into...
... tyres. We went and got them before I got sick, the garage let us have them free. I read in the Permaculture Mag that because tyres heat up in the sun and rubber holds the heat, they are a good way to keep plants warmer than just in pots. Its worth a try since a) they were free, and b) I have two compost bins worth of home made compost to use. The people in the garage didn't half laugh at us though!!
I finished the 'Retro Baby' Quilt before I got sick, so yesterday took photos for the shop...I'll be putting it in later today.
And I made two summery handbags, lightweight but useful sizes, I hope...
I had fun trying to photograph them because Bertie-dog seemed to think his big black furry nose ought to be included! Its difficult to keep the camera steady and fend off a large dog simultaneously!!
I've decided I'm into ricrac (rikrak? rickrack? how DO you spell it?) at the moment- its just so cheerful!
While I still had the gardening gloves on last night I picked me some nettle tops to make tea as I've read that its very fortifying. Well that's as may be (thought I don't feel any better armoured than I did before) but its not exactly my cup of tea (ha! ha!), kinda rich and bit odd tasting. Still, I'll try most anything once!! And its free!!

On a sober note, here's a thought-provoking post from Maddy Harland I want to share with you. Regrettably, all too many folk can identify with her.


Andrea said...

I am glad you are feeling better. Boy, you got lots of stuff done. I love those handbags!
Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

Everyday Kathy said...

So you pop over to my blog and call me a brush and I come over here and find you talking to yourself! So who is the daft one??? LOL

Glad to hear you are feeling better, you get more done when feeling ill then most well people... amazing! and I look forward to seing the results of your interview of yourself....

Kathy over at Everyday Bliss

Jingle said...

I can't wait to read your artist's statement! How exciting to have a reason to write one! Your projects all look amazing! I am so drooling over that quilt! I love RIC RAC!!!! It's happy stuff!

Ulla said...

Good luck with your writing! The quilt is really pretty, and the bags too.
I usually make soup with the first nettle tops in spring, using them just like spinach. I wouldn't like the taste in tea.

Micki said...

I am glad that you are feeling better! I love your romantic!

Heart2Heart said...

I am glad that you are on the mend and hopefully feeling better by the time this post reaches you. I am lifting you up in prayer sweet friend and asking God's healing hand on your body and get you back to your old self, well actually a little better than your old self if that's possible with a bounce in your step again.

Been missing my Irish lass and hope your back soon.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

ladydi said...

Your quilt and bags are so beautiful, and what artful photographs you have taken. Very nicely done! Thank you so much (on behalf of David's friend) for your supportive encouragement. I will let him know how to reach Dilly. I was also glad to read Maddy's post regarding taking time to actually live.

Kathy said...

Your floral purses turned out well. I am always interested in how quilted bags turn out. I like making them myself because they do not take as much time as a full quilt! You have staged them so nicely for the photographs too. I love the lily of the valley plants!

soggibottom said...

didn't realise you hadn't been well, ah, that's why it's been so quiet....
Hope you feel better now, nettle tea is really good for your garden. You need to stew loads of them in a bucket for a few days covered with water. Then dilute it one part nettle tea five of water. Don't put it on your plants only on the earth around them.
Think your plants might like nettle tea more than you. Take care of you. x x x love the bag, by the way, really love it.. Hope it hasn't got snails inside :-) X

Griselda Pugh said...

Now, I haven't been blogging very long so changing the comment facility was not that fact I wasn't sure what it was or where to look!! I think I've sorted it now and thanks for pointing it out :)

I meant to mention your treasury in my last comment - lovely colours and images. I'm so pleased that you included my picture. Thanks

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I love your bags! I've also seen some made from used t-shirts.

Have you met Bo, Quilting Granny? She does a lot of sewing, too. I suppose there are lots of blogs with good ideas, but she is a very nice lady, and you may get some ideas for things to sew. Here's her blog address:

I hope you are feeling better. What's the weather like in Ireland?

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I was thinking of what I said here, and should have said Bo may get some good ideas from you, too.


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