Thursday, 6 May 2010

Thankful Thursday

I don't know what happened to Thursday of last week...perhaps it never arrived here? However since I do believe that today is another chance at a Thursday, here be my Thankfuls!

1. Thankful that Dilly continues with her cheerful outlook, despite walking slap into a lamp-post and then tumbling down the theater staircase yesterday. Bruises on bruises, she says!

2. Thankful for an enjoyable morning's teaching yesterday. The children were ummm, interesting, but I think we all enjoyed ourselves.

3. Thankful for more bright, sunny weather- cold enough, but things are really growing and the May is out. (I'll take some photos later to show you.)

4. Thankful for a sale in my Etsy shop yesterday! Yippee! (Does one sale every six months make me a viable business woman???!) Its so nice when it happens.

5. Thankful for Coca-Cola when you just gotta keepa goinga but are feeling like a five-day-old-bowl-of-cold-sloppy-mouldy-porridge...

I think I'll take the dogs and the camera for a bit of a walk and see what I can see now, the wind is rising and they love running with the wind in their ears!


Jingle said...

Your list today REALLY made me smile! Number 2, in particular! LOL! Congratulations on your sale!!!

Patrice said...

Great list and I can so relate to needing a little pick me up like a good 'ol glass of Coke!

Jane's Art said...

Great list and yes you can feel like a real business woman!!!!!!! I'm running the same averages!!

Julia said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes - I did have a very nice day yesterday ........ AND I have changed the chocolate fountain photo for a better one. A friend who was looking at it said exactly the same as you, and of course when I looked again, I could see the problem - I think it's a bit clearer now!!!


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I keep hearing about ETSY...I have never checked it out! I'm not sure I know what it is.

I do TT ever once and a while and thought I'd pop over for a visit!

Blessing and have a great weekend!

soggibottom said...

Think you have the right idea about running with the wind... TAKE PICS and then post them x x x x
ha, still around, had a busy week/or two/three/four/five
U take care x x x

Rachel Cotterill said...

Those are great things to be thankful for! I called myself a writer (and registered for tax) once I sold one article to a magazine... :D

ladydi said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly the weeks swoop by, sometimes leaving out a day altogether? :>} Good for you for your sale, and good for your daughter for picking herself up and carrying on. Bruises on bruises sound very painful.


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