Monday, 10 May 2010


Before I begin I would just like to say that I did start another post since Thursday but the Hub needed the computer to do Church Accounts so I had to give way gracefully. He reckons Church Accounts have priority over a mere hobby, like blogging, but....well....I think we'll agree to differ on that one!

It was a sort of messy week altogether.
Some weeks gobble you up and spit you out,
some weeks seem to get stuck in a time warp and take forever,
some rare weeks are productive,
and some weeks run you down, jump on you and then keep going without you.
Last week was of the last variety. I don't think I achieved anything at all!
Sos came home for a few days, which was lovely, and proceeded to take up the whole kitchen floor with painting fabric and plastic:
...and the range with drying the fabric; how many times did I forget those weren't tea towels and go to wipe my hands???
Of course the dogs walked over wet paint so now I've to clean up reptile-wing-coloured paw-prints. Ho hum...Then she threw me out of the sewing room to sew things together and 'experiment'.
Thursday evening I went out with the dogs so they could run with the wind and so I could poke around in the hedgerows to see what was coming up. Lots, is the answer!
...more wild violets than I've ever seen:
...bluebells, at last!

...gorse, whin or furze, depending on which part of the country you hail from- here its whin. Have you ever noticed that the flowers have a very delicate coconut scent?

...and finally, as promised, the MAY! You really know winter is past when the May blossoms, although it does look like a dusting of snow on the hedgerows from a distance!

So, everywhere out is looking just lovely!

Also as promised, here's the 'Retro Baby' quilt in progress:It has borders now and is waiting to be fleece backed, which I've not done before, but thought I'd try.

On Friday the new Permaculture Magazine came through the letterbox, which is always disastrous as it gives me so many IDEAS! This is particularly inspiring issue- the Hub is not a happy camper!

And yesterday I played for Morning Service and then took myself and a stuffed-with-cold-BBug over to a cafe to wait while the Hub went off and took another Service, which is what happens when you only have one car. However, this is the view of the day we sat before:Not much of a hardship really, huh?!

Before I finish, a 'funny' for you:

Heckety, looking at computer screen with Google logo: Did you know it's Tchaikowsky's birthday today? He's 170!

Sos: That's nice.

Heckety: He's dead.

Sos: Shame.

Now to me that implies that a) I'm very boring, or b) someone's listening skills are a bit off...

Hmmmm....Have an attentive day folks!!


Robin said...

Sorry to hear you had a rough week, I hope the coming one is better.

You're awfully brave to have fresh-dyed cloth all over your kitchen, not to mention on that wonderful Aga!

ladydi said...

I like your baby quilt! I see so many wonderful ideas in blogland. Combining four patch and nine patch is lovely. It was very kind of you to allow your house to be taken over by paint and dye!

Kathy said...

Your daughter sure had a bit of a creative spell! Now I'm curious about what she might be making. The garden is coming in nicely too. My tulips are over with, but the alium is going strong right now. I'll have to get some photos of the flower heads this week.

Andrea said...

I feel a little gobbled up and spit out, today.

Amanda said...

The rain and the sun and the coming of May has given all the plants a real kick up the proverbial, and they're growing like mad. Our lily-of-the-valley is just starting to bloom now, surely one of my favourite flowers, the scent is heavenly. I want to lay down in the patch and roll about in them!

Jingle said...

Oh, I am SO loving that quilt! So warm and cozy looking with those wonderful colors!

Susan R. Mills said...

That quilt is great! You are so talented. I had a week of the later variety myself. I'm hoping to have a productive one this time around.

Janet said...

I had to laugh at your description of weeks---well said. I love the pretty variety of flowers there. I like the smell of coconut, so that would be nice. I'm not sure I could stand the mess in my kitchen. The things we tolerate for our children! She must be very creative. What did she make?
I hope this week goes well for you AND me. :)

Jane's Art said...

LOL same problem here...we call it selective listening!
That is a beautiful view!!


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