Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Thinking and Wondering...

Have you seen Ulla's 'Stash-Busting' Project? She's been at it a couple of months now and it got me thinking about using things up and being eco-friendly. I'll try to present this in a sense-ish way:
1. Every time I sew I use up 'stash' because, as I've mentioned before a) I don't throw away fabric scraps, and b) I accept everyone else's scraps gratefully and gleefully!!
2. I was brought up to be thrifty, which is how my patch working began when I was 15ish, but now I choose to work in this way because I figure its my small contribution to keeping unnecessary waste out of landfill.
3. When I sew items to sell I make it clear that as much as possible of the fabric and materials is recycled/ up cycled/ re purposed...or whatever you like to call it. a) I wish to be honest and b) I want to help people stop and think.
(The odd thing about this is the fact that whereas in the past you tried to hide the fact that your crafting was from scraps, now people aren't even trying to hide it, but revelling in their ingenuity! A real turnabout!)

Which brings me to the issue I've been pondering:
How green is green?
How ecologically sound is an individual item?
And how do I explain this- or don't I?
What sort of footprint does my sewing have?
In wishing to 'live lightly' this must extent to EVERY aspect of my living.

Remember ages ago I was considering the question: 'When people purchase an item you've made what do you expect them to get from it?'
Well I finally got the answer to that one: I'd like a person to understand that an item can be well-made, useful, long-lasting, and not have used up too much in the way of earth resources.

For example- everything in the 'Retro Baby' Quilt was recycled- all it cost the planet was electricity for the sewing machine and the iron, oh and the washing machine as I wash each quilt when its finished.
Is this relevant to the shop? Not? If so, how do I say it in the write-up?

Any ideas? Opinions?


Andrea said...

You are a thing we get from the items you the love put into them as they are made. I am blessed to have a few of your treasures here and they remind me of the love and care you put into each creation....which reminds me of the love and care...GOD put into HIS creation.


PS: Sitka has an award for you at All Gods Creatures.

Everyday Kathy said...

Love Love this post! I find it fabulous that you so carefully think of this stuff. So many people recycle a plastic cup and think that is all that is needed to be environmentally friendly. If everyone took one tenth the care you did we would be a whole heck of a lot better off as a planet.

Good Work!

Kathy over at Everyday Bliss

P.S. I do believe you still have a prize to claim!! Don't forget I'm just waiting to give you your booty!!

Ulla said...

My thoughts exactly! My stash is filling the house because I also have a mother and sisters who don't throw their scraps (or their husband's shirts) away: they give them all to me. For me the quilts I make are full of memories, but like some people seem to buy retro things from eBay and such to get something from their childhood back, they may see familiar fabrics in your quilt (or mine).

Heart2Heart said...

I love how you use things that others would throw away from your amazing window in your home to the little book marks you send when you mail stuff out. I absolutely love it and am trying to do my part as well. Recycle more!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

ladydi said...

Well...I do recycle as much as possible, and I do save my scraps, but I also have a disgracefully large stash of new fabric which I guiltily enjoy thoroughly.

Micki said...

I try to recycle too,and I loved your post. It is so important to do all of that for our environment!

Jane's Art said...

One of the buzz words I've been seeing on Etsy is "up-cycle". As a buyer and seller I think it is important to some people to get as much info as they can on what they are buying, for others they care little and will skip the details. I think short, to the point but all pertinent info is relevant!

Trishia said...

Heckety, I'm catching up -- going back and forth between your blog and the Permaculture editor as you direct me:) Anyway, while reading this post, an expression came to my mind. In America, if someone is pretty, we say they are "easy on the eyes." There's a big hit song out on the country tunes about easy on the eyes, hard on the heart." Anyway, as I read about your upcycled, recycled, repurposed creations, the thought that came to me was 'easy on the Earth.' Easy on the eyes, easy on the Earth.:) AND, you are just too darn funny....I'm sorry I've waited so long to 'catch up.'


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