Saturday, 5 June 2010


Labour Saving Device, of course...what did you think I meant?

I had a brainwave this morning, bit late for me, but I'm telling you so that you may practise it if you have the opportunity:

Name your child after a leading store brand of clothing and you will NEVER have to sew on another name tape! And if you intend having several children and you don't want their clothes getting mixed up then use several store names.

One's children may object to having names like Primark, Dunnes, Next, Atmosphere, Land's End, JC Penney, Monsoon, etc but only think of the time saved when it comes to packing for summer camps, ski trips, school trips and all that sort of thing.

I'll leave you to consider my brainwave, and if you think of any more LSDs I'd be grateful if you'd pass them along to me please?
And do you think I should patent this idea?

Gotta go, the sun is splitting the rocks and there is the matter of a few triffids needing annihilating in the garden...


Little Ms Blogger said...

how about crazy gluing clothes onto their bodies. When they shower, they'll be washing their clothes.

Of course, they may fuss a bit that they can't change their outfits, but no more labels needed.

Hmmm... probably a good thing I don't have kids.

Ulla said...

I have chosen woven name tags with only our last name, so the labeled caps and mittens could be passed to the next child when the bigger ones outgrew them. I also reuse them as long as they are good. Luckily many children's clothes come with a brand label with a space for the child's name on the reverse so I only need to write it there. your advice is too late for me, but I don't think I would like to have a grandchild called KappAhl, Lindex or Seppälä!

Robin said...

I remember a song about silly stuff like that, I think it was called "Think of the time I'd save". It was a riot.

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Heart2Heart said...

This is too cute. I wonder why I never thought of it until I read your post. Oh well that is where nicknames come into play right?

I hope you stop by my newest blog and join as a follower. I'd love to have you!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Elaine said...

These sound like some of the names that were given a few children whose parents were strung out on LSD, way back when. I think the true test (I was going to say acid test, but thought better of it) of a name is to call it out the back door a few times and see how your neighbors respond. I chuckle to think of how "Next" would sound, or "Atmosphere" or "Guess"....

My humble opinion: No patent application.

Amanda said...

I often seriously thought of dressing my babies in bin bags until they were potty trained!
And I'm tempted to get a dog so that it will hoover up all the food I drop on the kitchen floor so I won't have to mop it so often.

Griselda Pugh said...

Clearly your creative juices are flowing!! Well, I think Monsoon would be very acceptable as a name, although Next sounds rather more practical.

At the moment, I'd have to call my teenage son Top Man to match the labels, but I don't want to give him a big head :)


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