Tuesday, 15 June 2010

One Year in Blogland!

When I deleted the 'heckety at home' blog I noticed the option to 'export' it so I investigated and have managed to save most of the text onto my hard drive. As a result I can look up old posts, and since the 15 June sounded vaguely familiar I trawled through the 3.329 KB ( such a LOT of blather!) and discovered that it was the day I began the Blogification of the Life and Times of Heckety Loo-Lah Beckety!!

And so- reprinted here for your entertainment upon this Auspiscious Day (no, one year later and my spelling is, if anything, worse...) is my Horiginal Blog Post:

Well I've grabbed the bull by the horns and have started a blog- I think it could be a swift, steep learning curve, but as long as I don't fly off into hyperspace I'll be OK. My children are the computer fundis (experts), but I like to pretend I am sort of competent.

With the lovely weather that's been in it this last fortnight the Hub condescended to attack part of the garden at the weekend so that I could plant out part of the plant nursery taking up the driveway...the part of the driveway closest to the front door where he would like to be able to park on wet days!

He chopped and swore through weeds and long grass, then hacked everything out in chunks...including ALL the spring bulbs. Then he spent another few hours retrieving the bulbs from the compost bin.

Great start! Or as the eldest daughter would text-speak: 'Urr'.

I've been dress-making in the evenings over the last fortnight as the youngest daughter, B, was going on a week's School Trip and didn't have enough clothes to last a whole week. School uniform has many advantages, but it turns holidays into laundry nightmares. Two skirts she needed; I made one with blue patchwork in a band around the middle to eke out the fabric. The second skirt was made using two pairs of torn jeans, ripped apart and re sewn in panels. Both turned out OK.

Now I have begun a green knitted dress for the eldest against winter smart-wear, its tough being a student and having to fund one's own wardrobe so I thought I'd help out. She chose the wool herself and its a lovely soft shade of green.

So let me see:-
the School Trip she thoroughly enjoyed, and the patchwork skirt is still in use though the other was 'lost',
the green knitted dress is still being knitted,
the spring bulbs never recovered except for a few tulips which have popped up in the veg bed,
the plant nursery migrated to the south side of the house, which is just as well considering the winter we just had as it meant that most of the plants miraculously survived,
and I am a seasoned lunatic...whoops!...I meant Blogger, of course!

But of all the things I didn't know one year ago the most amazing to me is this: that I would find a group of such special friends out floating in Cyberspace too! I tell you guys, I was the poorer for the not knowing you one year ago!

So I'll repeat the ditty I emailed some of you last week:

Here's to us- we're true blue!
We are Bloggers through and through!
We are buddies so they say
And we're on our way to heaven where we'll meet some day!

(Its a cleaned up mis-use of a traditional Hash House Harriers Song- my MIL and the Hub sing the rude version!!...loudly and often...)

So then, here's to us all and the next year that's in it!


Ulla said...

Congratulations on your first anniversary!

Kathy said...

Congratulations on blogging for one year!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation on your 1st Blogaversary.

Glad you liked the little of the Lake I shared.

collettakay said...

How interesting to see what you posted last year and see what has traspired since then.

How far have you gotten on the knitted dress?


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