Monday, 5 July 2010

Get Ready to Cheer Loudly...

Winners Ahoy!

So....lets pretend that today is Saturday. Ok? Got that?

Now, there were eight entries to the Doggerel Contest and you know how I like to give as many as possible in the audience something to take home? Well my family and other animals came up with three prizes:



and A Grand Draw

The funniest is a joint prize because after much gleeful chortling, no consensus could be arrived at. So the Winners of the Funniest Doggerel Rhymes are......Ta Da!

Gran and Griselda Pugh! (cue Mad Clapping everyone, thank you thank you!!)

Now the Winner of The Best Doggerel Rhyme was unanimous and easy, no fisticuffs involved:

Amanda! (cue Wolf Whistles and More Mad Clapping, thank you thank you!!)

And finally to The Grand Draw, much fun was had with this:

Sorry to say the Hat was too large for this draw, yous all kept getting lost in the dents, so I used a candle holder instead- but removed the candle first (and the paperclips and a cork...).
Then Midd'list stirred yez all together and choos'd one:
Ta Da! LadyDi is the winner of the Grand Draw!!!
(cue Cheers and Even More Mad Clapping, thank you thank you!!)
I'll email the people whose addresses I don't have and by the end of the week there will be THINGS in the post for yez all!!
Well I don't know about you peeps (that's what Eldest calls everyone) but I had SUCH FUN with this contest!
Thank yous all for entering, and if you want to read the winning poems check back to the comments here where they are preserved in aspic for generations to come...well, maybe not...and what's aspic when its at home??

And just in case you are afraid the fun is totally over I've had a GREAT IDEA for the next Contest- but you'll have to wait until some significant number of posts or something to see what it is- but its not Doggerel, for a change!!
Ha! Ha! (did that sound Witchy? or Gleeful? it was meant to be Gleeful.)
(On the other hand, with threats like that overhanging my Friends like a Damocles Sword will there be anyone left to enter the next Contest I wonder to myself????? Mumble mumble...)


Robin said...

You're too funny, I love the way you wrote this up. Speaking of funny, your comment on my blog yesterday had me rolling!

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Amanda said...

Ooh, lucky me. I love writing doggerel, so this was great fun. If only we could attach sound clips to blogs you'd have had fun attaching a maniacal cackle, or a gleeful giggle.

Griselda Pugh said...

I'm overwhelmed!! Thank you so much for this very unexpected award, and I'm so glad that the rhymes were MEANT to be funny, otherwise being jointly awarded for the Funniest Rhymes might not have been so exciting!! Congratulations to everyone and looking forward to your next diabolical (or as Spike Milligan said Di-a-bo-LIKE-al)competition :O

soggibottom said...

Sounds like you have been over doseing on strawberries again .
x x x

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Blushing here!

ladydi said...

What fun! Thank you.


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