Friday, 2 July 2010

Ode to Slurry- King of Smells!!

Monday the grass was cut and baled for silage:
Thursday they began 'mook shpreddin' (muck spreading to non-Irish) and I'm tellin' ya, the smell is enough to make your eyes water!
But as they say, 'its just good clean dirt!'
Anyhow, since I've got yous all writing Doggerel I thought I'd grace you all with my
Ode to Slurry!!
Oh Slurry, Slurry, King of Smells,
Thou black and goopy pong
Spreading wide o'er hills and dells,
Thy Stench remaineth long.
The Farmers love you very much-
They say you smell of Money;
It may be that their Hearts you touch
To us that's very funny!
Oh mucky Slurry, King of Smells
For you I sing this Song:
Please soak in quickly, deep and well,
And do not linger long?

And if that inspires you to doggerish flights of fancy please enter the Doggerel Contest!
Last chance- I'm picking the winners tomorrow, two prizes- one for the best and the other a draw! I've been sewing surprises yesterday!


Amanda said...

Brilliant. This reminds me of verses my father-in-law writes, only he calls them Poetry and writes about love and nightingales and spreading trees etc. But they still have that te-tum-te-tum rhythm and alternate line rhyming. They're muck spreading hear too, so it's all very 'rural'.

Constructive Attitude said...

is that where they put horse manure everywhere?

i have a really stupid question too: I was watching a movie the other day and it took place in ireland and obv they were speaking in English with an Irish accent. But then they would say something in another language, and the subtitles (yes i used subtitles. lol) said, "speaking in Irish". So is there another language in Ireland?

soggibottom said...

No strawberries then :-)
x x x

soggibottom said...

I forgot to say, smells or no smells. Beautiful photo. I have had to sit here with a peg on my nose though !
x x x :-)

Natasha Burns said...

I wish I was able to hear you say it, that would be great to hear in an Irish accent :)
Sorry about the smells!!!

Angie Nelson said...

What beautiful, peaceful photos. Here from LBS!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Oh, that's funny! I used to live in an area where we got those smells every summer... not so much where I live now, thankfully.

Dawn said...

So glad I stopped by from LBS ~ really like your posts!

Anonymous said...

Haha, that was cute. I love the second picture with the open field. I have this thing for open fields; I don't know what it is. I'll be driving down the road and nearly run over someone's mailbox trying to take in the vast openness of a beautiful, green field.

Stopping by from LBS. Have a good day!

ladydi said...

Around here some people add mulch to their gardens and it smells just like you describe. Phew!

Trishia said...

Close to where I live is a brew pub. When the brewmaster is cooking his barley for the ale, it smells like burnt toast all over town. I bet you'd like to trade smells, hey?ha!
ps constructive attitude -- the irish language is called gaelic:)

Terri Tiffany said...

Always good pictures! That similar thing happens up north where I'm from. Not a good smell at all!

Hazel said...

Loving the images of the farmland, reminds me of home :) Hazel

SpitFire said...

Visiting from Lady bloggers...I'd love to visit Ireland someday! I'll bet the slurry does reek, lol.


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