Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Eat Yer Heart Out Bugs Bunny!

Now isn't this a sight for a Bunny's eyes?! The carrot on the left was so perfect I just had to show yez!
Last night we had 'Chunky Soup' for supper, which was basically everything that was left from the summer crop in the veg patch, including my perfect carrot! I felt I should preserve it for immortality somehow, but Youngest thought that was taking the whole veg growing thing a bit too seriously!

I believe this is what is called a 'Swiss Cheese Plant'? My Granny used to have one in her hall and she always referred to it as the 'Cheese and Wine Plant'! So, thinking to add a touch of elegance to the bathroom, I moved Henry in there:
As you can see, he is very happy, which is good, I do love happy plants!
The only 'down' side is that it has recently become necessary to be armed with a machete when you want a bath!
C'est la vie en pays! Everything comes with a price!!


Amanda said...

Well, apart from your perfect carrot, which I haven't got, your carrot crop looks a lot like mine; I pulled the last of them this morning, along with the last of the beetroots and spring onions. I also picked the last of the tomatoes and dug up the swedes and turnips and the dinkiest little parsnips. I need to read up on how to store the parsnips and turnips, but the parsnips will just about make one meal I think!

Jane's In The Jungle said...

I was thinking that with the plant....but he'll love all that steam bathing!

PS....I'm BACK......

Kathy said...

I wish we had windows in our 2 bathrooms, but sadly they are completely dark. I have a lot of my plants moved into the kitchen because we had our first frost this last Fiday night. I may need to move my lemon tree and the 2 rosemary bushes to my classroom because we are tripping over the plants around our kitchen table.


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