Friday, 8 October 2010

Tea Time! Ooh-Ouch!

How many of you tea-drinkers have had mishaps in the course of your tea drinking...or even because of your tea drinking?

In the past I've absent-mindedly filled my fountain pen with tea instead of ink, and even dunked a biscuit in the ink bottle,but I reckon those are fairly common errors.

Several friends have ruined their mobile phones by dunking them in their tea, or dropping them in completely, also common enough I'd guess.

But the mishap which takes the biscuit, as far as I'm concerned, happened last week:

Picture this:- a quiet moment, lovely cup of tea in one hand, new Quilt magazine just through the letter-box spread open on the kitchen table ready for a lovely half-hour (or so...!) of reading and thinking... bleeps, Middlest wanting info...

...answer text, delete message, return to magazine, pick up lovely hot cup of tea and take that first perfect slurp...

...followed by...a bite of the phone!!!!!!!


What was I thinking?
I don't even eat biscuits any more!
Talk about wits gone a-begging!
And boy did it hurt!

(Note to viewers: no mobile phones were injured in the making of this blog post.)


Amanda said...

You paint a wonderful picture! Unfortunately I don't have any terrible teatime tales to tell (try saying that five times quickly).

Robin said...

You crack me up, what a wonderful way of writing you have.

PS No tea stories but I have poured my morning coffee into the sugar bowl before. I always say that someone who hasn't HAD their morning coffee shouldn't be allowed to MAKE their morning coffee. Bit of a catch 22 that.

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collettakay said...

Hmmm? I can't think of any tea misadventures at the moment. Probably because I was too absentminded to notice!

Ulla said...

They just make the phones too small nowadays! My DH's first mobile phone was like a small (and heavy) briefcase to which the ear piece was attached with a spiral cable.
I have once poured the boiling water on the tea leaves - in the tin, not in the pot. Very strong tea it was!

Constructive Attitude said...

have you ever had tea with milk? thats how we drink it.

Heckety said...

We always drink our tea with milk! The Irish National Brew!! (Well, not counting Guinness or Whiskey, which I never touch!)

Elaine said...

Too funny! I am so glad to hear that no mobile phones were injured. That would have been a sad tale indeed.

I do enjoy your humorous acceptance of your foibles. Most people just pretend they are much too together to do such a thing. My mishaps have not been related to tea drinking, but my wits have definitely gone a-begging on more than one occasion.


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