Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Staggering Along

Its been a busy week, looking backwards.

Yesterday was our October Bank Holiday, which meant that Eldest came home for the whole weekend! I hadn't seen her since early August, although the others had all been to Dublin for one reason or another in the meantime. She is very busy, in quite some pain with the arthritis, but keeping cheerful, and with a new man in her life who is even nuttier than her...is that possible???

Sunday, the folks came to Lunch, and although the oven timer failed to work and we returned home from Church to NO smell of roasting chicken, it was eventually all cooked. Minor glitch in the grand scheme.

Friday, Youngest had her School Prize Day, and she won a Choir Prize so was well pleased. A Book Token- always fun to spend! (I should probably help her with that!!)

Monday, Middlest had her tonsils removed, and remained in hospital until Tuesday. Mom kept things running smoothly and also gave us supper in instalments as Middlest didn't want to be left alone. The Nurses and all were lovely, and it was a far more pleasant experience than I feared, but still a little worrying and a bit tiring too. Since then she has needed minding and coaxing to eat, but is well on the mend now. The previous week she decided to defer College for a year and work full-time at her Summer job in Marketing. Its an excellent opportunity but it is difficult to know whether leaving College is the right thing for her to do. She is hoping to return to work this coming Thursday.

Tomorrow Youngest is coming into town early with me to do a Party Shopping session as on Friday she is having an Alice in Wonderland themed Tea Party (guests to arrive in costume by 6pm, collected midnight!). I put the limit of invitations at 20 so goodness knows how many there will actually be. I do not like Hallowe'en and all the horrid stuff that goes on, so for many years now the girls have had an alternative 'Bash' which suits many parents well enough, it seems.

Thursday of this week the Knitting and Stitching Show is on in Dublin and I am hoping to go up to that with the Mother, but right now I'm feeling so exhausted I don't know whether I'll actually get there. I might need to conserve my energy for a houseful of Mad Hatters!

I'll let you know!
Probably not soon...

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Jane's In The Jungle said...

Sounds like a blast!
And a very busy week! Have a great weekend!!


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