Monday, 4 October 2010

Sharpen Yer Hockey Sticks!!

So there I was on Sunday afternoon, spending a nice quiet time with my blogamigos, when I hear a loud mooing.

It gets louder, and louder...and louder...until next thing a big hairy head looks in the window at me!

Hells bells and buckets o' blood! Did I spend all summer working on my garden, and all autumn nurturing winter veg seedlings to have the whole bloomin' lot munchagobbled up in ten minutes flat- roots and all- by a bothersome bunch o' bovines?

Did I heck!

I don't keep a hockey stick in the front hall for nothing you know, and its not just hockey balls I hit with them either!

I tell you Queen Maeve and Granouille had nothing on the virago who belted out to protect her precious garden! Them cows never stood a whisker of a chance! I may have been the strongest hockey player with the worst aim in the history of the Grammar but the players in Connaught knew to run when they saw me coming...cows included!


I hope those cows don't know that motto about 'he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day' because I'll be waiting! I'm tellin' ya!


Robin said...

ROFL. This cracked me up, I can totally picture you racing after those cows. Funny too how differently different people view the same animal (case in point.)

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collettakay said...

You're hilarious! Is that really the reason you keep a hockey stick?

Ulla said...

I guess you didn't have time to milk her before she had to leave?

Amanda said...

I bet those cows mooooved really quickly when you came after them. On the udder hand, of course ......

Elaine said...

I imagine those cows will leave your garden alone! There's nothing quite like a hockey stick for protection--or threatening. I've used one myself, although mine is an ice hockey stick. The neighbors had a dog that would snarl at me everytime I went to get the mail, and I would threaten him with my hockey stick and he would back off. Useful things, hockey sticks.


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