Monday, 14 March 2011

Pickles and Patience

I know I've asked this before, but do any families sail serenely through their combined lives, or do all families lurch from pickle to disaster, with 'a series of unfortunate events' en route?

Seriously, I would really like to know.

The latest in this establishment, in case you are at all interested, is Eldest grinding to a halt...just two months before her Degree Finals. Her Dissertation isn't written, also a 90 minute play, and two short essays, and there's a small matter of two 'set' designs (theater mock-ups, basically) to make.

All to be done and dusted by 10th April, followed by viva voce exams and some other final 'stuff'.

Her arthritis and joint pain is very bad, she can't do steps, or sitting or standing for any length of time, or type for very long, or keep food, and a host of other ailments, or even walk properly with a fact she's in far worse physical case than my own father, who is no sprung chuck.


So she came home at the weekend (by persuasion since I had eight 16 yr olds staying- another story!) and she, Middlest and I sorted out a schedule for the next month so that Eldest has company/minder at all times.

I tell you, God does work in mysterious ways, because Middlest is only semi employed at present and is able to help out. Between her and I someone can always be available for Youngest in the evenings, and still get to Dublin for Eldest. If Middlest's plans had gone as planned (brilliant English language, I know!!) she would not be available to help and I would be beside myself.
(The Hub's work hours are difficult at the best of times, and he begins his Course at the Church of Ireland College in Dublin this weekend- different place to Eldest...of course!-and another story!!)

So tomorrow evening I am heading to Dublin on the BladeRunner (as in slow-country-stop-at-every-blade-of-grass-between-here-and-Dublin bus!!) It takes 4 1/2 hours, would you believe? (2 1/2 to drive oneself!) since due to cutbacks they have abolished the Express don't realise what an enormous country Ireland really is until you try to cross it using public transport!!

But I was just thinking this morning, as I added to my list of things to do by tomorrow, that, considering I do nothing, its pretty complicated putting life on 'hold' for a month. Obviously, to do nothing as well as I do takes a lot of organisation!

This is Heckety Beck coming to you from County Leitrim for the latest Blogger News update!


Amanda said...

Well, these days now that I'm retired, Christopher is semi-retired and the boys have left home life goes on pretty serenely. But when I was working full time, Christopher was working in London every day, leaving at 7.00am returning at 9.30pm and the boys were at school it was a different story. Number Two Son usually seemed to sort himself out, had done so from a very early age, and took life at a leisurely pace. But Number One Son never seemed content unless he could turn everything into a crisis - a bit like my mother really - and then we all had to run around picking up the pieces of his life. Here's hoping that your current crises run smoothly - that's a bit Irish but I'm sure you follow what I mean!

Andrea said...

I am so glad to find you here, this morning. I have not been on blogger as much and I looked for you on facebook and couldnt find you this weekend. Things have been crazy here and I will be having some out patient surgery this Friday.
Blessings and prayers,

collettakay said...

Hang in there!

Robin said...

That all sounds exhausting, but what a gift to be able to be there for Eldest when she needs you all most.

Hang in there my friend.

Elaine said...

When kids are trying to establish themselves as adults seems like there is always some problem or other, and then when you compound that with health problems it becomes extremely difficult. Hopefully you will be able to give your daughter the help she needs so that she can successfully complete her courses.

Jane's In The Jungle said...

Whoa girl...and don't ever think things go smoother for KNOW how it is at my house, LOL!
Take some deap'll all work out and April will be over!!
And you know I'm just an email away!!

Trishia said...

From pickle to disaster. A smooth running crisis. Wow, I have much to learn from you Irish:) Actually, my experience is that life goes in cycles. The roller coaster ride alternates with the merry-go-round -- but not often enough....


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