Friday, 1 July 2011

Cloud Cuckoo Land and Other Stories

I was wondering whether anyone else finds that Cloud Cuckoo Land is their regular default mental destination? Or is it just me??

I get up in the morning, for instance, and I think (or maybe even I write a list) 'today I will shorten the blue skirt for Youngest, hang up the laundry and do ALL the ironing.'

Then about midday the Hub asks whether I've made any bread for his packed lunch...uh, didn't think to check whether it was needed...and Youngest wanders in to remind me she has a rehearsal at 1 o'c and have I fixed the blue skirt for her?

Well! I may have knitted half a new cushion front, tidied and cleaned the sitting room, had a long chat with the dogs and done the washing up...but no! I haven't achieved any of the 'must-do's', and I've entirely forgotten the essentials.

It drives the family nuts, of course, so they always think I idle the days away, am totally selfish, and do nothing for anyone. Its VERY FRUSTRATING I can tell you!!!

Earlier this week, after a conversation with another Etsy seller, in Galway ( lovely cards by the way!), I downloaded the forms to apply to register with the Craft Council of Ireland. Its free, gives one a presence on their website, and sure what the heck! nothing ventured, nothing gained!

As I went through the form, I came across this question:
 How many employees do you have (excluding yourself(ves) as owners)?

Part Time: _______________ 
Seasonal: _______________

Hmmmm, tricky one, I include the dogs? They do like to supervise activities, except when they are asleep in the sun. So would they be Full or Part Time? But then again, would they be classed as Employees exactly?


Its most annoying that my ripper appears to have gone on holiday this week, just when I have quite a few sewing jobs for which it would have been usefully employed. I can't say that its lazy, because its far from that, but it sure does choose its moments!

If anyone happens upon it lounging poolside in some exotic location, please tell it very sternly to 'Go Home!'

Thank you!

PS Its yellow, if you see one that's not yellow, its not mine.

And talking of jobs, since Youngest leaves for the South Carolina trip on Thursday next, I need to get working on the various clothes which have to be cut-down or remade for her. This is the only one I've started:

(Sorry, the photo is squiff) Its an old LIBERTY fabric skirt a friend gave me because the fabric is so beautifully light it should be very cool and comfortable. I was delighted when Youngest wanted it to be hemmed above her knees- all the more to patchwork with, Grandmother!!!

Its a lovely blue, the photo doesn't do it justice.

I've another skirt to cut down, a dress to cut into a skirt, and I think a pair of old jeans to cut for water sports shorts, as they aren't as likely to catch on objects as loose cotton might.

See what I mean about Cloud Cuckoo Land?
Full Time: _______________ 


Amanda said...

Life used to be a bit like that, but retirement is a wonderful solution. Mind you, you can potter along for days, and then suddenly end up with a list a mile long of things that need to be done by Sunday. How does that happen?

soggibottom said...

Best to not make lists, just do what your brain remembers :-) If like mine, very little :-) WHAT A WAY TO GO :-)
x x x

ladydi said...

We have a chalkboard in the kitchen for those must do TODAY items; it has helped me a lot! Perhaps Youngest would like to hem her own skirt??


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