Friday, 29 July 2011

PIF P- A Project You Can't Refuse!!

Pay It Forward Project

Ulla wrote about this Project, the link will take you to Ulla's post ( I hope!), and I think it sounds fun! The idea stems from the notion of not paying back someone who does you a good turn, but paying it on by doing someone else a good turn. I've always thought that was a very sensible way to do things, and its one of my family's proverbs from way way back- 'Cast your bread upon the waters...'

She promises to make a gift for three people who wish to participate and send it to them within one year. To take part you have to write about the Project, and promise to send a handmade gift to each of three people before the end of the year. So here goes- if you would like to be one of My Chosen Three (!!!!) say so in the comments, then write your post and make your promise!

Of course, there is the disadvantage that there is absolutely no knowing what will arrive in your post box! It could be anything from a blue spotted kettle, to a piece of peculiar knitting, to an item that seems perfectly ordinary to me and you won't know what its meant for...I'll try to keep it normal, really...Perhaps you should all rush over to Ulla and volunteer to be added to her Chosen List- she makes lovely things!

So! Who is volunteering?????


Amanda said...

Me! We love weird things in this house!

Ulla said...

You seem to make better sales speeches than I do! I hope you will get so many interested that some of them need to turn to me for my last place and the extra one I still "owe" from 2008.

sarah said...

this is very interesting....and paying the good forward is always the best.

Helen said...

Hi there, thank you for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment you left me,
Love Helen xx

Jane In The Jungle said...

Count me in......when I saw 4 comments I thought I was too late!!

Will work on my post now!


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