Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Shower Wars!

So, you've heard of The Bride Wars...The Restaurant Wars...Star Wars... now there are 'The Shower Wars'!

Not heard of them yet? Well they go something like this:-

Mom: We're leaving at 4o'clock.

Girls: Its only five to three.

Mom: We're leaving at 4 o'clock and you are all still in your pjs.

Girls:....silence...thoughtful silence...profound silence...worried the clock silence...then all three together: Bags I first shower!

Eldest: Me first! staggers down passageway richocheting off the walls, turns on shower, leaps in and undressess (yes, really!)

Middlest: simultaneoulsly I don't need a shower Ha! strolls away to get dressed.

Youngest: simultaneoulsy, and shoving Middlest out of the way I'm faster, bags me first! tears up stairs

Sound of downstairs shower and shrieks laughter, then upstairs shower goes on, water comes to a halt downsatair, howls of annoyance and Its not fair!

Eldest storms out to stairwell, dripping, and yells at Youngest, Middlest in bedroom humming loudly...

You get the idea, yes?

That's 'The Shower Wars' for you!

1 comment:

Barbara said...

Hello, I just found you via Ulla's blog and have been strolling a bit in your posts! I like the way you described this "shower war", it is somehow so familiar to me :-) ! When our four (now grown up) kids got their driving licence, we had a sort of "car war" when they had to share our car ;-) !


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