Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Of Churi Dahl, Weirdies, and Thrift Shop

The Lady for whom Middlest has been 'au pairing' this month wanted some small alterations to her daughters' new Churi Dahl Dresses (spelling? my Gujarati isn't so good...) and they are so very pretty I took a few photos to show you!
The baby's dress: (purple trousers to match)

These are the cuffs on the trousers- aren't they gorgeous? The colour is bad, they are forest green in reality.
And the toddler's dress, which go with the green trousers:
I used to wear Churi Dahl in East Africa, both for smart and for comfort, and boy! in a really hot, humid climate they are the most comfortable garments you could wish for...as well as covering up so well that you don't get burned, which is obviously also an issue.
I have about five outfits myself, and a Hindi friend used to share her formal ones with me when we had 'big' occasions. I wore the most ornate of mine here in Ireland once when I had to attend a formal School Charity Ball, and no one seemed to mind. I love them, comfortable and you feel fabulous!

Today is the last day before School starts for Youngest, and as she had school meetings this morning I was ambling around town for a bit. There's a furniture display in Johnston's Court and I thought this chair was just hilarious:
But these metal wall ornaments were ace...

...and I wondered whether I could play with the design for an embroidery, redwork perhaps, or in black thread? or perhaps appliqué? Anyhow, I though they were 'my' thing!

And then, in the Thrift shop I found this suede shirt, brand new, with amazing cutwork all around the hem:
Actually by its length its more of a tunic...should be a useful garment!
I also got matching pillowcases for Middlest, pink, with pictures of shoes on....absolutely spot on if you only knew- Imelda Marcos had nothing on our Middlest (in the shoe department- as far as I know, Middlest's dictator tendancies are quite stunted)...and a lined school skirt for Youngest. I paid €3 for the grey skirt and another €3 for a packet of navy blue dye: new, the school skirts cost upward of €40. Bargain!

Now tell me, am I thrifty, or am I thrifty?!

(Actually, its call being stingy, I know!!!)


Robin said...

What gorgeous outfits - lucky little girls! I wish I had one just like that forest green one!

Love the suede shirt too. Sounds like you had some great scores this week :).

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

Kathy said...

That clothing from India is beautiful! I also love your bargain of the suede cuttwork tunic. That would be something I would wear to school!

Plumrose Lane said...

What fun it was to learn about this type of wear ~ I always wondered how comfortable it would be in the heat and now I know. Too gorgeous for words too!
Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog ~ I really enjoyed visiting yours!
Best of luck to your daughter for a wonderful school year too!

Soggibottom said...

Well done stingy :-) BARGIN :-) x x x

Clothed in Scarlet said...

Okay, I just got to say that being thrifty is being smart! As for me I always have something or someone else that could use the money that I managed to save from a thrifty purchased! so more power to you ;o) Sarah


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