Friday, 5 August 2011

Hungarian Rhapsody

Have you visited Postcards from Wildwood and seen this A.MA.ZING embroidery? It is done on a duvet cover... Isn't it just fubulouso?

I asked Lady Wildwood if I could use her embroidery as the basis for appliqué and she graciously gave me permission to use her flowers. It took her 10 years to embroider- a huge project! Imagine!

So I started by breaking up the length and dividing the border into sections to work on.
I've been wanting to try an intricate appliqué for ages, I like the Baltimore Album quilts but there is no way I'd stick to something so huge. I thought this lovely border would make a good start for a strippy quilt, or the center strip in a hanging.

Not that I intend to work on it for ten years....!

My thanks to Lady Wildwood for letting me play with her work and photos!
(I sound like Oscar Wilde, don't I! 'Ah, Lady Windermere, your fan!')


Rita Garcia said...

Gorgeous appliqué work! Thanks for sharing the pictures! and thanks for visiting my blog!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

OMG! Just came over for a visit and found an entire post dedicated to my little duvet cover!!!! I should explain that I started the work in 2001, but between then and December 2010 picked it up occasionally and then packed it away for long periods. Last December I decided I would finish it if it was the last thing I did! So between then and the end of May many, many evenings were spent stitching away until finally it was complete.
Pleased to see it has copied well and I know you'll make an excellent job of converting it to appliqué. Looking forward to seeing the completed version. Will that be around 2021....?
Janice. x


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