Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tea and Bliss

Its the middle of the night, I woke and can't sleep again so FREEDOM! up I got to make tea and catch up on emails, blogging, and...ahem...tomorrow's Music teaching preparation...

The flat is warm and I can boil the kettle as many times as I like without being in bother. Bliss!!

Still wrestling the bug I went down with Christmas Eve, real pig this one, and children who were unwell last term are still not at their full health either. Hopefully the present cold snap will bump off a few germs, would be good....did you ever read the E. Nesbit book 'The Wouldbegoods'? Lovely writing and wicked fun, especially for an Edwardian lady novelist.

Last week I bought a purple duvet cover, five feather butterflies and a frying pan!
Weird combination I know, the lady at the checkout was laughing at me. The butterflies are nifty- they have double magnets so attach to curtains, and as the living room curtains are plain dark brown its so pretty. The lack of a frying pan was really annoying me, and the purple duvet cover? It was half price and I've stuffed all my oddments of blankets and old bed covers into it so hey presto! bienvenu dans le boudoir d'Heckety!

Now I had better decide where to begin with 5th and 6th Class Music tomorrow...at the beginning perhaps?!
I thought we would study Ballads this term as it would be good for their memory and also introduce the concept of telling stories through song. I'll have to be careful not to teach any Rebel or political ones though as that would go down like a lead balloon!!

Ho hum...another day in paradise!


Robin said...

Ahh, but the rebel and political ones are the best ones ;).

If you really want to give them a punch in the gut you could do Tommy Sands' There Were Roses once they're up to it... Political, yes, but in a good, harder to argue with, way.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

I can relate to frying pans and duvet covers and butterflies, even the joy of no one protesting about you having the light or the kettle on at 3am, but teaching? *music*? There are somethings I will never understand about you!

I'm hoping o get over o Dublin for the guild weekend early march, do you ever get in to Dublin?

Amanda said...

It's so good to hear you sounding more upbeat, especially in the wee small hours. Your purchases sound perfect, buying just for yourself, great.

Ann Babillis said...

I love the wee small hours, without having to explain why to anybody at all. in the States, Edgar Allen Poe is a favorite go to poet to teach ballads to the 5th and 6th years. "Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary," perfect opening line to a class full of kids recovering from the flu.


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