Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Verra Dodgy

Now as a staunch Christian I'm pretty sure I shouldn't voice this opinion buuuuuttttttt....do you ever wish for another couple of arms and hands? Isn't there a Hindu goddess with six arms? Wouldn't six arms be dead handy?

If I had six arms/ hands then right this very moment I could be knitting, blogging and drinking soup all at once.

My children give out yards because I like to listen to the radio, watch television and catch up on emails simultaneously and that's with just two ears and two (not so good) eyes, imagine what I'd achieve with two heads....actually, not such a fab idea as I wouldn't have to stop talking then...ha! ha!

Its not that I actually want to be a Hindu goddess, you understand, I'm just commenting on the advantages of multiple arms....

...Come to think of it, is she the blue one with the elephant trunk?

Hmmmm, back to the drawing board.

Over the last few weeks I have been knitting a slouchy cardigan. Its easy TV knitting, which suits me fine. I've a 'thing' for warm, shapeless cardigans, they are so comforting. Anyhow I've attached the collar and am now knitting the front bands so am almost there. I tried on the partly assembled garment last night and discovered several pins I'd missed removing!! A regular habit of mine!

Also I ran out of wool part way through and so the sleeves are different to the back and sides...also a regular habit of mine!!! Its what comes of generally working with odds and ends and never managing to buy the required amount of anything for any one particular project....ha! that sure sounds Irish!

Was at the doctor yet again this morning and he said I wasn't to return to work till next Monday. I don't know whether that's a relief or a worry. All three of the girls are sick, two of them are staying with me at present. Youngest is pretty much over the bug and starts her Leaving Cert Mocks tomorrow (lucky dude, NOT) and Eldest is waiting until she is well enough to travel back to Dublin. This winter seems to have been the worst in years for general sickness and impaired health across all ages.

If anyone has some spare sunshine please post pronto?????


Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Hope you all recover soon. I've booked my flight, I land early Saturday 9th March (10am Dublin) And leave again Sunday 10th in the evening, about 9pm, shorter than I thought due to these being the cheaper flights. Jackie picks me up at Dublin we then head south to co. Kilkenny, sods law says that's the wrong direction to cll in at yours?

Ann Babillis said...

Imagine all the manicures you would have to keep up if you had six pairs of hands! Rest well and drink some ginger tea with honey. It's great for the lungs. Add a green onion and some cayenne pepper to the brew and you'll clear up the sinuses as well. Get better!


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