Thursday, 3 January 2013

Country v City...uh...Town?

There's a moral to this story somewhere...maybe...possibly...
...nah! Its just a story!!

Last time I lived in a town was when I was in College, and before that was as a teenager when I lived for three years on the outskirts of London. Which adds up to a total of...SIX WHOLE YEARS by golly!

So basically I am NOT a town girl, and never wanted to be.

Back in October I took the wee hoosie in town in anticipation of not being able to afford to run the Noddy car, ergo I needed everything to be within walking distance...ditto the present flat which I moved into before Christmas.

But d'you know what? I LIKE living in town!

In fact, I like it so much that I am very much afraid that I must be the most terminally nosey person in the whole of the West of Ireland!!
I like the noise and commotion of people all day and half the night.
I like watching and listening to the antics which spill out of the pub downstairs and the hilarity of people having fun.
I like listening to the pounding music.
I like hearing when crowds start singing and take over the riverside with their own entertainment.
I even don't mind walking into my kitchen and having the back wall practically bulging with sound from the Night Club adjoining my flat.
And I really like that when I am tired of my own company I can simply tuck my laptop under my arm, run downstairs, cross the river, through the door of my favourite cafe and carry on working, 30 seconds door to door....which is where I am right now!

Whoda thunkit?

The ultimate country bumpkin actually becoming a town mouse?!

(But I bought ear plugs too, just in case I need to sleep!)


Amanda said...

Good for you, to be finding the positives. I'm afraid I'd probably hate it. I've lived on the outskirts of many towns, but am loving living in the country now. I love the peace and quiet, the narrow lanes where I can take the dog for a walk without bothering with a lead, the views, the friendliness. And Wells is only six miles away or Bath thirteen, so we don't have far to go if we need town facilities.

Ulla said...

I can imagine that you can enjoy the company of strangers near you without needing to communicate with them in any way if you don't feel like it. Short distances are a great plus too.


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