Saturday, 9 June 2012

State of the Jungle

Many years ago in my youth (summer 2010) I got really into gardening blogs, looking at the photos, reading them, drawing plot layouts, noting beautiful plants and yadda yadda yadda. Then I grew up (spring 2011) and realised that none of those people lived in the boggy, exposed hills of Leitrim and that there was no way in this life that I would ever transform my weedy stony hillside into a lush paradise. After that I turned old (summer 2012) and decided that if it doesn't grow happily in a movable pot, stuff it, I'm not even going to consider it.
That's the theory, but as you know, hope springs eternal along with the rain and gale force winds so although my head says 'forget it', my heart still says 'maybe if I...'

So I still have two raised veg beds, although one is rampant with triffid raspberries and one very brave rhubarb! The other has self seeded garlic at one end with gone-to-seed-cabbage-that-never-grew and some fabulous specimens of dock leaves at the other.
And then there are the pots...and pots...and more pots...oh and look I do believe that's a thistle come to join the pot party!

So much for the idealistic planning...ah me...sigh...

BTW, the idyll is over, with Youngest and the Hub back home. The Hub didn't seem too happy with his week's work in Holland, but Youngest had an 'amazingly awesome' (quote herself) week with her sister in Dublin. A lot of time was spent working in Theaters alongside Eldest but she also got to do some shopping and walking around Dublin, which is good. It is a lovely place alright.

I didn't get a girl's night in, but my parents had visitors, relations who are great fun, so I had that instead last night. This evening Youngest is taking Middlest's boyfriend to see the play Middlest is working on and the Hub is holed up in the office writing tomorrow's sermon.

Modom, your taxi awaits!!!


Amanda said...

Oh dear, it does look as if the weather and the landscape is winning doesn't it? I can't think of any suggestions for your garden I'm afraid, though I'm sure there are plenty of gardeners out there who will suggest something.

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

I'm impressed you can *name* so many plants let alone grow them - I put them into categories of flowers (cut, from petrol station, plonked in vase) grass, other stuff and dead! I can identify the two huge grapevines in the garden, but I think that's my lot!

ladydi said...

I quote the comic "Real Life Adventures": "What is the difference between annuals and perennials? Annuals die every year and perennials die as soon as we get them home." See! Yours are still alive, so you're ahead of the game.


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