Monday, 13 May 2013

The Importance of Being...Posted... thought yesterday was funny?

Well Heckety struck again.


You see the Postbox nearest to school has a bit of a narrow aperture, but since letters tend to be fairly thin its usually fine.

This afternoon after posting a letter rather bulkier than usual I realised half  way down The Mall that I hadn't heard it fall down inside. Now if it had been something boring I would have thought 'stuff it', but it wasn't, it was an envelope of poems written by third class for a competition, very exceedingly ultra important.

Back I went and sure enough I could feel the envelope jammed against the top but couldn't shift it.





I got out pen and paper and wrote a note to the postman to explain that there was a letter jammed against the top of the letterbox, so please could he retrieve it.

And I posted the note.

One tries. One is trying. One is tried.

One is found wanting.


Corcra said...

I did exactly the same thing!!! In exactly that same letter box!!! Mine was a nice fat letter to my sister full of crafty bits for cardmaking. It got very badly stuck late one evening and I feared no one would be able to post anything at all the next day because it's not collected until 3pm I think. I had to ring the Post office and let them know 'someone' had got a letter stuck in it and I couldn't post anything!! They sent a man up to unblock it! Woops!!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Well its clearly the post office"s fault but maybe they designed it like that to give me TWO spluttering giggles this morning


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