Sunday, 2 March 2014

Grey Hair and Squeaky Voice

Its like this:
day to day one scurries along not really considering age or one's place in time, and then suddenly one gets a belly-whopper of a reality face-slap.

Inside didn't we all stop at between 18 and 25 years...ish?

Yesterday I was at a School Past-Pupils Choir practice for a fund-raising Concert in May. I was seriously worried about being the oldest there (by about a dozen decades) but it was ok as there were both older and younger people. I was sitting there surreptitiously studying and identifying the others, some of whom I knew as either friends and acquaintances from my school days, or as parents of children I have taught, and it came to me in a punch: not only am I and my siblings past pupils of the school, but so are my three girls!


Oh my grey hairs to shalom!

But as the Choir Master said, it matters not the age of the participants because put us together in a room and we all regress to our school habits: to wit:
firstly he complained that we were congregated at the back of the class,
secondly that we wouldn't shut up,
and thirdly that the chairs are new non-swing and would we quit trying (to swing).

Hmmm....good luck to him trying to make a Choir out of us...and I'm not talking about the quality of the singing here as there were some amazing voices (not mine)....

PS. Next rehearsal I'm taking Youngest with me.


Amanda said...

I think I stopped at about seventeen, all lacking in confidence and anxious about everything, convinced that everyone is better at … well, everything, than me. But talking to friends, they all seem to have stopped at much the same age. I am often horrified that I'm now turning towards seventy, rather than being just past sixty. And that was bad enough. I don't feel any older, and I'm lucky enough not to look too old and wrinkly yet, though I'm sure it's lurking just around the corner. But it's a sobering thought.

Soggibottom said...

I can't sing either, but it sounds as if I would be with you, at the back, making a racket and forever getting told to shut up :-) x x x

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Oh gosh! I know when I drive past my old school I look at the kids in the bus stop to see if I recognise any, then I remind myself that I'm no longer 18 , but I'd not considered that even my girls aren't 18 anymore. - thanks, now I feel even older!!!!!


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