Sunday, 23 March 2014


The sun was shining today so we went for a bit of a walk down the Point. The sun was actually so bright that I could not see the image on my camera properly to adjust it, which is why the photos look dark instead of bright- what a complaint to have!!
So, not great photos but such a lovely afternoon.

Looking toward Coney Island.

Rosses Point beach with Benbulben.

Oyster Island and across the estuary to Strandhill.

Lighthouse on Oyster Island with Knocknarea to left.

Benbulben across part of the golf course.

'Waiting on the Shore' in memory of those lost at sea.
Rosses Point used to be a fishing village, then a holiday spot for those from the town. But now it is a ten minute drive and most of us locals have grown up spending summers swimming off the beach and winters walking on the beach. During the long grey winters we forget how lucky we are having such beauty on our doorstep, and then the sun shines and we wonder how we overlooked it.


Elizabeth Nannenga said...

Beautiful! Someday, I will come visit your fair isle!! Today here in Iowa, it was quite sunny as well. Deceiving however as it only got up to about 25 Fahrenheit. Oh well, will take the sunshine!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

That's where you live? H, it's gorgeous! I knew Ireland was beautiful ( when the rain stops and the clouds lift) but that is beyond beautiful!


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