Sunday, 26 July 2009

Great time-mostly!

Isn't visiting London great? We arrived rather late on Friday after the brouhaha which closed Gatwick airport for a few hours, checked into the hotel where the folks were staying, and walked down High Street Kensington to find a place to eat. Lovely! Is it me, or does food I haven't prepared always taste better?

As I'm staying with 'the bro' we got the bus back to his place and stayed up talking for ages.

 Saturday was so interesting. Firstly it was a lovely sunny day. (The bro cycled,I went by Tube- Ilove the Tube, the hum and clack, the musty fumes smell, all the people, the old-fashioned architecture of it...) We took ourselves to Kew Gardens for the morning and early afternoon. I've taken a whole heap of photos (using Dad's camera, of course, which he has named 'The Camara-da'!!!) but I didn't bring the lead so can't upload them til I get home- just wait! There was so much to see, but we had to leave at 3.30 to be in time for the first concert. 

The first Concert of the evening was an Organ Recital on the Royal Albert Hall 'Father Willis' Organ... it had fantastic volume and range, was amazing! Imagine being the one to fill the auditorium with all that sound! I'd like some history and information on that particular Organ, but I'll look it up later.The Organist was David Titterington, the programme eclectic. My own favourite was the last movement of the Elgar Organ Sonata No. One, it was just perfect.

We galloped round the corner to a bistro for a quick but delicious supper before the main Prom. I think the staff were rather bemused by us, perhaps they aren't used to people dining so fast, and are more of an 'experience' place? Anyhow, the whole shebang lined up to wish us an enjoyable Prom, think I counted eight.

By the way, I'm using the bro's laptop and his 'H' is just a gap in the keyboard, which is rather disconcerting. Apparantly its courtesy of another sister, but he said she'll deny it.

The Prom was great.We had seats just behind and above the orchestra and it was pretty intense.

And then on Sunday morning at 5am the bug restruck so I spent until mid-afternoon in bed. I was really narked with my stomach! I missed the Columbia Road flower market, but the bro told Mum I would have cried anyhow as I couldn't have bought anything because of flying home!

I emerged about 3o'c and went over to High St Ken for a wander before meeting the others and going to another Prom. They were doing Holst' Choral Symphony- orchestra, organ, and the best part of 250 was an amazing sound and sight!

And now for Monday- I'm fine this morning, thank's be, and I'll head out at 9.30 as the Tube is off-peak then.

To be continued...


Micki said...

Have a lovely time in England! It sounds as if you are having a blast.

Heckety said...

I did thank you! I'm about to write the update- watch this space!


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