Thursday, 2 July 2009

Photos!! At Last Long!!

Ladies and gentlemen,
Umbrellas and walking sticks-
I'd like to show you something
I've been learning about!

(to paraphrase the old doggerel)

I've managed to upload photos, but they're in the wrong order and I can't figure how to re-arrange them.

Meet our nearest neighbours: Mary Horse and Foaly. Foaly was three weeks old yesterday and has learned to leap in the air this week, he makes us smile just to watch him! They belong to a farmer down the lane but the girls have carrots for them on our shopping list. Before we were married the Hub's Dad always had horses, and the Hub worked as Assistant Trainer in a Racing Stables in Nairobi. He and B are horse- mad even yet!

These three photos are of the hedgerows along the road outside our gate, are't they lovely? I don't think I got the exposure right but haven't figured how to do it. Also Dad said I can change the number of pixels used in a photo for greater clarity, but I haven't figured how to do that either! I'm used to an old SLR Minolta camera with extra lenses and huge variety of exposure options and shutter speeds to get the effect I want, I'm really starting from scratch here! And the third photo is the right way up although it looks sideways, the little ferns are growing at a funny angle.

Here is the wall hanging I finished last week. Its about 9" x 27", and this photo IS sideways! I can't figure how to rotate it!

The veg bed which is mostly behaving itself, except for the french beans, but they're behind the broad beans. If they won't co-operate and grow, then I'm not taking their photos.

And her is the deep bed the Hub built last week, which was meant to be at the top of the post. Oh well! The tomatoes will be taking up residence there this afternoon, and possibly the stubborn beans, if they ask nicely. Its awfully tempting to just fill it with folwers and shrubs but I can grow them anywhere, its the veg which needs shelter.
I was out most of yesterday as the girls wanted to go to the cinema, and we needed to go round to the folks and see their visitors who are family friends. Dad was watching Wimbledon, with Mum running in and out between kitchen and living room whenever there was a roar from the crowd. It was too tense for her to sit and watch!
And just to amuse you I had two mishaps yesterday: in the morning the loo seat abruptly came apart and threw me off, most startling! Later, when I was out my jean zip broke, luckily up, and I was stuck not able to go to the loo until I got home. I wondered if there would be a third thing but there wasn't!
Anyhow, hope you enjoy the photos, Dad finally found the camera instruction booklet last night so I am reading it now which should help a bit. B has been very patient with all my ignorance and very kind too. Sos managed to drop her camera yet again in Spain, and although it still works, the zoom doesn't. Huh. I'm working on the fourth and fifth squares of the next little quilt, I was cutting out Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam applique bits whilst waiting for the photos to upload, now I'm going to sign off and sew them all together. I was very good and raced through most of the chores before breakfast so I could do my own things this afternoon...oh no, tomato seedlings first!


Lady Collum said...

Oh my, what beautiful creatures! Also, love the hedgerows. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing...can't wait to see more. :-)

momtofatdogs said...

Load the pictures in reverse order. Whatever you want to be shown last, load first.. Works for me!

sam in middle TN

Heckety said...

Thank you! and Welcome! Good to hear from you! The learning curve is a bit steeper than anticipated and I feel like I'm sliding backwards sometimes. Can't be call ing on my children all the time...

Anonymous said...

Why can't you be calling on your children all the time - isn't that what they're for?!


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