Wednesday, 5 August 2009

My first Bloscar!

Well firstly I'd like to thank the members of Symphonic Discord for my first blog award (Blo-Oscar!) or four! Its so kind of yous! And when I figure how to get them to my side bar they will be on display! (
This morning I sowed more lettuce and cress, planted out basil, parsley, bay, two pots of sunflower seedlings, and some left-over pansies. I picked veg to take to the folks, and then spent several hours quilting. I visited the folks for a while during the afternoon, taking them some sunflower seedlings as well as the veg. Then I took the scissors to my hair as it was driving me nuts: B decided to bake a cake this afternoon, but it was rather unsuccessful, not like her. Still, it tastes good!
Yesterday afternoon Sos and I went to the Crafter's Basket in Cliffoney with two of her friends, and got her Debs dress fabric. Its pinky mauve sateen with a pink tull overlay, and she wants tiny silver bows scattered across the front. Goodness help me! I am NOT looking forward to making it, and the fabric was rather more expensive than I anticipated. The Hub said its the last 'posh frock' she'll get from us until she can afford to buy her own! Are we very bad parents? She does have good taste though, and a nice figure, not like dressmaking for yours dumpty truly here!
Afterwards we stopped off at Streedagh beach to walk, which was lovely, but I didn't have my camera.

And that's all really, not much to show for two days. Perhaps I'll get the quilt finished at the weekend.


Micki said...

I love the fabric and the items that you got. I just read about that quilt shop in the Irish Quilting magazine and was telling Joe how much I would like to go there one day. is it very nice?
I am so glad that we met through the article, and I really hope we meet one day!

Constructive Attitude said...


you cut your hair????? and u can quilt??? wow

Gran said...

Congratulations on your Bloscar! Only the best for you.
The day shopping for lovely material, with all the hopes and dreams of lovely times in it, sounds like a dream. (I only had boys....)

I have to figure out what growing season you are in, just planting Sunflower seedlings,

I am glad that you get to stop my blog every once in a while. I have not posted a whole lot lately, been busy teaching embroidery and enjoying family times since out youngest is home from his mission. Extra, house guests, comings and goings, baking, cooking, you know the drill.

Take care.

Kim said...

Heckety--Do you know you come through on comments you leave as "no-reply"? I love hearing from you but I sure wish I could write back! You crack me up! LOL! Congrats on your "Bloscar"!

Heckety said...

Oh people-such fun comments you leave!

Micki- the shop at Cliffoney has all sorts of craft items, not just quilting, and I think its fairly good.As it's the only one available to me I guess I'm biased!

CA- did you have to say that so loud? My Mum hasn't noticed yet! Anyhow, if I can prune a bush I can cut my hair, same thing really...and yes, I confess that I don't just quilt, I am deeply addicted to quilting.

Gran- we're in August here, near the beginning, but my gardening organisation leaves quite a lot to be desired and everyone else's sunflowers are probably in flower! And children home are great, noisy, but not boring! Enjoy yourself!

Kim-thank you for your comment, I'd say 'ditto' to you! I wonder why it says 'no reply'? I'll go play with the settings and see what transpires- if I become invisible, or an ogre or lose my tail you'll know why...


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