Saturday, 1 August 2009

Quiet day

It's a fact, sad but true, that my dog Ben has no brains. I was just being really gross and eating pineapple chunks from a tin (umm yes, literally...) and Ben sits by me, begging. He doesn't like pineapple. He KNOWS he doesn't like pineapple, but still he begs. Like I said, no brains, worse than the Scarecrow in 'The Wizard of Oz'. I once worked in a plantation school for Del Monte and we used to get eight pineapples a month as part of our pay!

The funeral today went alright; it was sad but not overwhelmingly so. It was eight months to the day that Cecil's wife died and really he was ready to pass on. It was draining though and I've spent the rest of the afternoon listening to the soundtrack to 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' and reading an old Lee Child book- 'The Visitor'. Odd combination, I know. I so love Yo Yo Ma's cello playing, that's why I got the soundtrack.

Anyhow, got the hymns for tomorrow's Service sorted, the Hub is watching TV and grazing his way through last night's grocery shopping. Don't you ever get fed up buying food? No sooner have you it all neatly in the fridge and press than up pops the family and eats it the lot and hey! guess what! you repeat the whole process...


Gran said...

Funny dog!

I didn't see anything a miss in your reading and music selections :0)
Love Yo Yo Ma! I am going to have to look for that sound track at the library.

We are having a quiet weekend here. One house guest and one of our sons are off to San Francisco for the day. Surprising how two less bodies around make the pace more relaxing.

I hope you have a peaceful Sabbath.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Love Yo Yo Ma. Have all his soundtracks and have seen him perform on several occasions. He is amazing.

Sorry about the funeral.

Constructive Attitude said...

I'm sorry about the funeral as well :(

and i hate pineapples. UGH!

Heckety said...

Thank you for your comments people!

LMB- you've actually seen Yo Yo Ma perform? That's brilliant! If his recordings are atmospheric, I should think his recitals would be even more so...something to add to the wish-list!

I'm glad you had a bit of a relaxing day, Gran, we gained two teenagers on Sunday so the rumpus went up a notch!

Pineapples- ya hate 'em or ya love 'em, the Hub hates 'em, also passionfriut and tomatoes as his Dad used to be a farm Manager and was always bringing home the unsellable (unsaleable?) fruit and veg!


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