Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Black Frisbees!

Does anyone still have this?
Or these?
A few years ago a young neighbour wandered into a friend's house whilst her Dad was sorting his music collection and exclaimed: 'Janey Mac! you've a lot of black Frisbees! Haven't you any coloured ones?' Ever since then we all call records 'black Frisbees'!
Anyhow, since we are well into December now, I think it's alright to start playing the black Frisbees- I so enjoy Christmas Music!
My amaryllis is beginning to flower. Each year I am amazed afresh at the huge, intricately coloured flowers! I'll keep you posted on its progress...
And look! I made the cranberry sauce for Christmas...despite it being out of focus I didn't add any booze! Isn't the colour so rich?
And finally, progress is being made on hand quilting the earlier mishap.
I spent the day designing and constructing a Christmas Elf but I'll show you that when it is finished.


Andrea said...

My husband still plays all his old albums. He has a stereo system from 1966. I had the turn table repaired a few years ago. We love it.

BTW: you have another award on arise 2 write.

Ulla said...

My husband has recorded some of his most favourite black frisbees on CD so he can listen to them while fly-tying in the cellar hobby room.
My son loves the Little Drummer Boy!

Heart2Heart said...

I remember listening to all our Christmas favorites on these and they can't be replaced! Brings back so many memories!

I love your homemade quilt and the color of your cranberries looks delicious!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Deborah said...

I love anything vintage!
I can't wait to see your Christmas elf!

Elaine said...

We have a lot of black frisbees!

ladydi said...

What a difference a generation makes! Yep, we have some black frisbees here, too. Cute elf I visited in your Etsy shop.


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