Friday, 11 December 2009

Of Sisters and Mishaps

Here's a misuse of the blogging medium for you:

Last night our eldest daughter was looking at recent posts to catch up on the home news. When she saw the state of the sitting room she texted her sisters with directions to tidy up at once! (They ignored her!)

Sos was reading an old magazine of Mum's this morning and found a recipe for chocolate vodka drink...yeurch! She wants a party after New Year...well she was told in no uncertain terms she can buy the vodka if she wants it- I'm NOT. Anyhow I don't approve of spirits at house any shape or form!!

B was ready for school early this morning so was dumped pronto and I was parked at the Supermarket by 8.30am. Shopped, was at folks for breakfast by 9.30, and at school by 11.20 to gather and sing with the children who are singing for the Methodist Service next Wednesday. It went pretty well. Sometimes its nice to work with a small group and I think they enjoyed it too.

Finished about 12.45 and set off for home....and then realised I should have had two more people in the car...Turned round, went to park and managed to hit the school gate, wedged the car against it so now I've a big scrawb of red paint along the side...Ah well, things happen I guess...


Heart2Heart said...

Here is hoping that you can relax and just enjoy the weekend and stay warm. Sorry to hear about your car mishap!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Deborah said...

That was funny about your daughter calling her sisters to clean up! That was cute!

Andrea said...

Sounds like you need to curl up by a warm fire with a good book and take a little break.
Blessings, andrea


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