Friday, 12 February 2010

Permission to Panic, Sir!

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Anyone remember Corporal Jones from 'Dad's Army'?
When there was a crisis he ran around like a headless chicken shouting 'Don't panic, don't panic!'
Occasionally this changed ad he'd demand of Captain Mannering, 'Permission to panic, Sir!'

What do you do when someone potentially important to your husband's future asks if he and his wife can come to tea and interview the Hub in your house? Taking into consideration the fact I haven't had a huge clean and tidy since before Christmas, and that the last six weeks I've been crafting, knitting, sewing and there's stuff everywhere?

I panic
You panic
He/She panics
We panic
Ye panic
They panic.

Then you take time out to blog!

Then I clean and tidy like a demented spinning top!


Ulla said...

Put your craft projects and the extra stuff in your bedroom and close the door. Vacuum if you have time, otherwise just take a broom. Dim the lights, light a candle. Wipe the table, make coffee or something else for nice smell. Smile.
Says someone with lots of experience with untidy house and sudden visitors.

Amanda said...

I think you should cover all the dust and mess with evidence of your crafting. Then bake some bread or a cake for tea. It will smell lovely and look and taste wonderful. Your husband's visitors will be so impressed with the beauty that you're creating they'll be bound to think even more highly of him.

Trishia said...

I just recently came across a blog that calls CHAOS the 'Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome.' I'm like that. Divided my housecleaning this week -- toilets and shower one day, kitchen another day, dusting another day. My place is clean but darn it's still chaotic! And I don't want anyone over. Not yet. Too many paper and postcard piles. Working on that tho. Maybe I need a good dose of Panic to get me moving:) Bonne chance to you and your husband!

ladydi said...

When my children see me cleaning they always say, "Who's coming over?" I haughtily tell them that I don't ONLY clean when someone is coming. (Just most of the time)


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