Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Minutes of Today's AGM

(Alternative Genteel Meeting)
Welcome Ladies, and Gentlemen if there are any. No apologies accepted.

1. Happy Birthday to Jane, and Many Happy Returns of the Day.

2. Delighted Kat is recovering from surgery and is back online.

3. Thank you for all your recent nice comments; we’ll ignore the not-nice ones because there weren’t any.

4.The Piano Tuner has been. Result:
One piano tuned
One piano key repaired with cereal packet
Several woodworms squashed and their nefarious business exposed
One Tuner begging to discover a decent piano in residence here by next year.

4. BBug has registered a complaint with Management: her Mother is mean because she insists that BBug gets dressed. Complaint under investigation.

5. Snow melted, more falling.

6. Sos is working in the Florist this week- much gratitude as she’ll have enough money to last until term starts.

7. Article to read- justifying the beneficial aspects of being a Crafty Mother. Correction CraftING Mother. VERY encouraging.

8. Today’s Music listening- Brahms Symphony No.1, Shostakovitch Jazz Suite, Sain Saens Organ Concerto. Reviews requested by 6pm.

9. Aim for the next 30 days: list one item on Etsy each day for optimum exposure in the Listings. (note to self: if you keep that one it’ll be a miracle!)

10. Prizes under construction, envelopes labelled ready to be filled.

AOB (All Other Batty-ness)

BBug thinks Biology is Gross,
Exams are an infringement of her Human Rights,
and there’s no such word as Lazy.

The Hub will be available for furniture moving on Good Friday if anyone requires his assistance,
Church at 8pm every evening this week.

Thank you for your attendance. Tea will be served at your convenience. (ie please get it yourself!)


Andrea said...

Thank you for your sweet email, yesterday. After a meeting (last night) I came back and read it again. GOD's timing was perfect. I needed the encouragement. THANK YOU for allowing HIM to use you.
Hugs, andrea

Amanda said...

AOB - Comparison to be made between different types of sewing machine with a view to purchasing one for use by all members of this establishment (ie ME)!

Jane's Art said...

Thank you!!!
Love number 9, can't wait to see those results you ambitious little bugger!!

Jingle said...

Hee-hee on the complaint to management and I hope you achieve your Etsy goal!

Heart2Heart said...

Thanks for the compliment today and really need it. The rain is beginning to fall and hoping and praying for some snow fall tonight.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Can't wait to see what other stuff winds up in your Etsy store. Seriously I need to link you and Jane's stores to my blog.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

ladydi said...

Very entertaining post today. It reminded me of one of my very favorite books of all time: "Daddy Long Legs" Have you read it? So sorry to hear of the snow. This morning we took a walk in jackets and mittens, this evening we didn't even need a jacket!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

What a busy day in the life of Heckety at Home! I hope your snow will soon melt - and you can resume spring. Couldn't believe it when all that snow was forecast and then the photos on the news. Thankfully we just had a cold snap in the south.
I'm almost-tagging you. If you want to play along, please come over to my (Postcards, not Potions) blog to read about it and only join in if you want to. Otherwise, please just take it that I'm recommending others to visit your blog!
Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter,


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