Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Photos from Iceland link

A friend on facebook,Conor Doherty posted the link to these photos. There are lots more if you are interested, and they are all incredible. Why is it that sometimes photos are more powerful than TV footage?
Small plane flying alongside the ash cloud. (Iceland)
Farmers bringing livestock under cover. (Iceland)
Clearing ash off a roof. (Iceland)
A farmer looking at the volcanic mud in his yard. (Iceland)
Aerial view of the volcano, which I can't spell. (Iceland)
Here's the link if you want to save it to look at later.
Icelanders are tough, hardy, resourceful but this event is enormous. We shouldn't underestimate the effect it will have on their livelihood, whilst bemoaning the effects on ourselves.
Dilly was at the dentist yesterday, and will be again today at 4 o'c, so he will start the root canal treatment. She will need a crown unfortunately as the damage is too bad to repair. He's going to patch her up to get through her end of year exams and a few Light Design and Box Office jobs she has between now and the end of May.
Sos has two Performances today so we are off to see the 1 o'c Showing- it should be 'interesting'!! She has designed and made a lot of the props for the Play and the Publicity posters, as well as being in it!
BBug is rounding up a bunch of friends to see the 6 o'c Showing...I hope Sos is aware that the students will be watching her as she is on duty in school again tomorrow night!
The Hub is doing repairs to Travelling Sis's bicycle so she can use it. (I'll have to find another name for her now she's home for a while!) He says she had been using it with the handlebars on back to front!!
Ho hum! Have an ash free, back to front day!


Jane's Art said...

Root canal...ugh....
Thanks for the Iceland pictures...it is unbelievable what a little ash can do!

Enjoy the play!

Jingle said...

Wow! That really covered everything! I hope the livestock survive through it!

Andrea said...

Blessings, andrea

Amanda said...

Poor Dilly, she is going through a tough time. Great photos, it really is turning into a global problem isn't it? At least it's pushing the election into second place!

Robin said...

Holy smokes doesn't even begin to cover it, does it? Yikes...

Israel stockpiles food in case of emergency, I wonder if Europe does as well.

Trishia said...

Heckety, the photos you posted are incredible. Thanks for sharing! I think they have so much impact because we can drink them in in silence whereas on TV the daft reporters just keeping droning on and on and sounding pretty lame...:) Can you tell I don't care for TV?!
I live about an hour's drive from a volcano that last exploded in the 1980s. Not to belittle any harm to the Icelandic folks, but I always think it's meaningful when Nature stops us in our tracks and makes us pause -- whether we want to or not.


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