Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Books and the Blood Thirstishness of Youngest

How I laughed at your comments on yesterday's post...guess I'm not the only daft one so! Isn't it grand to know we're all in such good company??

I had various errands to do for school in town after work today, so afterwards I ambled around for a bit. The river is very high again, amazing to watch. The secondary schools are all on half term so there were a good many teenagers wandering around, which is always fun to watch (but different to the river!).

I stopped in to the Library to look for a particular book. They didn't have it, but I came out with four others. I wondered at the odd looks I got from the Librarian when she was checking them through, but it wasn't until I got them home that I realised why...a book on Cottage gardens, one on feminism, a cookery book, and one on the economics of the oil driven West...I guess that is rather a peculiar selection! The economics one is fascinating, started it whilst I was eating supper.

Well I WAS sitting on the sofa with my feet up, but Small Dog kept using me as a short-cut to ambush Hoover Dog and running across the keyboard! Interesting, but illegible, post content!! Now having a cuppa tae and listening to Andrea Boccelli before heading to bed.

Youngest has returned from her rehearsal and is watching '300'. On Valentine's Day she always watches the most blood-thirsty film she can find, which, for the last few years has been this one...she shouts along with the Spartans!! Please note that she is also the one who, for her History Research Project, is writing about 'Weapons of Medieval Warfare.' Her teacher finds her hilarious...this is also next week's Munchkin...

I wonder whether I should be worried?

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like my reading list - and my daughter! :)


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