Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Start But No Stop

Two Junior Infants bounced into the office with a piece of paper and an armful of yellow card...'Our teacher says can we have 31 yellows of this please?'

I set the photocopier going just as one of the Clergy enter, so I turn to greet him.

Quick as a flash JI One reaches out and presses the 'start' button again....AAAGH!!

(In order to get the full scenario on this, you need to imagine a rather decrepit and temperamental photocopy machine, whose individual buttons may or may not work at any given moment...particularly stubborn are the 'stop' and 'interrupt' buttons....also, like most schools, we are pretty strapped for resources and wasting paper is just.not.on!)

Heckety shrieks and ticks off JI One whilst trying desperately to prevent twice as many sheets of paper as needed spewing madly forth.

JI Two gasps and exclaims something along the lines of...'Oooh! that was bold isn't he a bold boy Mrs H. I would never do that he shouldn't have done that should he Mrs H. isn't he bold?' whilst JI One is dancing with excitement at all these pages coming and coming and me not able to stop 'em!

And the Clergyman? That stalwart, upstanding member of the Church? He leans against the wall doing a narrow-mouthed frog impersonation and trying not to double up....until the Junior Infants have run off clutching their booty, whereupon he collapses into the chair and roars laughing!

The moral of this story is simple:

Trade in the photocopier! and possibly also a certain Infant????


Elaine said...

Definitely trade in that infant or at least never allow him near the office again. But what to do about that clergyman roaring with laughter at your expense.....

Amanda said...

Oh, that brings back so many memories of similar incidents. Our main problem was in the computer room. The younger children never could get used to the idea that if they pressed print on their computer nothing seemed to happen, so they pressed it again, and again. Meanwhile, from the printer in the corner, was spewing forth copy after copy.

Heckety said...

Oh Amanda I can juuuust see it!!!


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