Thursday, 23 February 2012


Youngest has acquired a couple of new hobbies over the Winter which entertain both her and the rest of us.

When she was really sick in January Eldest came home for a week and one day when one was miserable and the other was bored they thought to rummage in the Games cupboard. Behold! a rather battered Scrabble box, long forgotten. We used always to take it camping with us so it has covered much milage in both East Africa and Ireland.
Well, once again we are being regularly challenged to pit our skills against the little green bag of tiles....only a few more categories than what it says in the book of Instructions are now banned....swear words, slang from movies, text spelling and shortened words...things that never occurred to them in their innocent youth!!

I was recently laughing at Amanda referring to her dog, Ruby, as being 'low slung', but Heinz57 has a similar problem ...legs too short for the depth of his chassis!
As a result, whenever he returns from a particularly muddy walk, Youngest picks him up at arms length, and dumps him in the bath for hosing down! That way he, and the water, are contained despite the fact that he runs back and forth in the bathtub and scrabbles to get out before the water is turned on.

(As you can tell, the triffid needs trimming!) I know it was mean taking a photo of a brassed off dog, but he looks awfully funny in the bath.

After a rub-down he takes off into the kitchen and races round and round the table until he's puffed- we call it doing the Ascot! Then he goes into the sitting room, puts first one side of his head on the floor and zooms up and down the room several times, then the other side ditto. After that, he jumps up and down and dances on his hind legs...all this at top speed and without pause- by which time we are just about sick with laughter!
Funny how some animals love playing to the like owner, I guess!!


Amanda said...

I love playing games, but for some reason I've never cared for Scrabble. Christopher thinks it's because I don't win very often, but I think my brain just can't see the possibilities. Take your pick! I'd love to meet your dog, he sounds great fun. Unfortunately we don't have a bath, just showers, so Ruby ends up in the kitchen sink, luckily it's big enough, just. She tends to have a mad five minutes after a bath, running round in circles and barking, shaking her toys until we think her head's going to fall off, skidding along the wooden hall floor and falling down the two steps into the kitchen. Clearly, where we find a bath relaxing dogs find them stimulating.

Amanda said...

And you don't have word verification switched on thank goodness!

Robin said...

Heinz57 reminds me of the dogs we saw in the Czech Republic a while back - they all looked like they'd been cut down too short, legs not long enough for their bodies. It was quite funny actually.


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