Thursday, 16 February 2012

Riding on a...WHAT...???

Here's something to amuse you:

The Hub's God-Mother found this old photo of the Hub in his youth...not quite the day before yesterday!

Apparantly they were at Mt Kenya Safari Club, where there was a small animal orphanage. One would not generally get up to a prank such as this since African elephants are neither docile nor trainable, unlike their Indian cousins. It was probably taken in the '70s.


Elaine said...

Fun!! Not everyone can ride an elephand. I have photos of me sitting on a giant hog, and yes, not quite the day before yesterday. The fact that they are in black and white gives you a clue of how old they are, sometime in the early 50s. Also the place wasn't quite as exotic--they were taken in Nebraska in the Great Plains of the Midwest US.

Robin said...

What a photo, definitely one for the memory books!

By the way, is that energy book you're reading The Quest by Daniel Yergin? My husband, who's in the energy industry, just read it and said it was fascinating. (I'm taking his word for it ;).)

Plumrose Lane said...

What a fabulous photo ~ looks like a terrific childhood memory!
Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment!


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