Saturday, 4 February 2012

The League of...Oz?

Last night the League of Nations arrived for a sleepover. Only someone from a home with three opinionated dogs would understand the momentous occasion caused by any sort of arrival! Since I've been in bed for the last two days I let them get on with it, and lay here experiencing the bumps, crashes, woofs, wails, smells of burning, chatting, yells, laughter and chaos without having to do a single thing about it. Very restful...NOT!

The League is actually all of Middlest's flatmates- South African, German, Australian and Middlest. But oddly enough, combined, they can talk for Ireland!

Unfortunately Fluffster Dog has become very cranky of late, and Small Dog knows exactly how to wind him up. Christmas was a nightmare with the constant snarling and fighting- it got so bad I really didn't want to come home in the evenings. Oh well.

Youngest is rehearsing madly as 'The Wizard of Oz' opens in just over a week. Luckily she has a very small part as she really can not afford to be falling behind in her schoolwork. (Literally and figuratively, since she is a Munchkin- ha! ha!) Sixteen months from now she will be doing her Leaving Cert Exams, and then NO MORE SCHOOL! How I can't wait! It been years of miserable, thankless grind getting the younger two through Secondary School and I don't know who hates it more at this stage, them or myself.

Roll on the day!

But meanwhile? Let's 'Folllow, Follow, Follow, Follow, Follow the Yellow Brick Road..!!'

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Helen said...

Just living the dream then?
Hee hee!


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